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(To cut their distance travel) ZN upbeat to help ZC open new road


THERE’s no purgatory!

Many of us( human beings) still entertain the wrong notion ( in the spirit) that when man prays for the soul of his departed love ones here on the earth, the departed one/s, by being in the purgatory, can yet go to Heaven. No sir!, because the Bible reveals that there are only two final destinations where our souls will go—Heaven or Hell. When we obey God’s will, Heaven is where we go, for sure. But, when being disobedient to His Will, Hell is man’s final destination. “Except a man be born again in the spirit of Obedience to His Will, man can’t enter the Kingdom of God. Email:


THERE’s a big plan for the future that will surely connect ZC to ZN to cut short its too faraway distance by the no. of hours.

What’s needed right now is for our city council in here, to pass its strong support-resolution, to make it happen very soon. Last week, a two representatives of the congressional office of Dist. 3 Congressman Isagani Amatong from Zamboanga del Norte visited our local officials here-- including the district 2 legislative office of House Rep. Lilia M. Nuño, as its planned national road opening will start from somewhere in the east-coast, probably in Lunday Valley, connecting it to the adjoining mountainous terrains of the boundary of the barangay of Limpapa in the west-coast.
That’s a hallelujah news to our barrio folks living in those tapped areas where their own lot properties will go up in their real estate value/s.

But, the question is, “When will it ever commence, huh?

Taluksangay will soon be a haven of all good things to happen to our Muslims and other known neglected tribes.

Last Saturday morning, I travelled to Brgy. Taluksangay in the company of the Nuños, as to be able to find out for myself if true is the wonderful report that all the bunkhouses have finally been completed for the temporary stay of more than 300 Internally-displaced families badly affected by last year’s terror incident-- that was all about the almost a month-long Sept. bloody siege orchestrated in treachery by the over 400 heavily- armed MNLF-Misuari faction.
Pencing, while leisurely cruising along Guiwan highway--driving his miniature KIA (Picanto), thought this could be it—I mean my opportune time to find out for myself if indeed true that those 21 ( in all) bunkhouses, as touted, a model project for housing intended for our various ethnic groups, mostly having their peaceful lives, engaged, as always, in fishing and now in agar-agar farming, until their homes were destroyed as their places were stormed by surprise by the armed rebels during that critical period.   
Once there in that very tranquil and peaceful village of Taluksangay, and found even more impressed by its clean surroundings, and met by friendly faces, I was afforded all the freehand by the Nuños to make my rounds and interviewed on-the-spot some of the IDPs, and at-least 5 of them are said to be their respective people’s designated leaders-- purportedly to take charge of their own tribes’ security and their ever unending needs, whether their daily subsistence and even their other daily needs, like transportation fares up to their last petty concerns like personal hygienes, I gathered.

One village leader from one affected purok of Layag-Layag in Brgy. Talon-Talon is praying hard, though, that Taluksangay will be their permanent dwelling place, “Kasi maganda dito para sa aming  sa agar-agar farming. Iyon talaga an gaming hanap buhay,” he stressed.
Another tribal thanked the Nuños for rescuing them from the virtual chaos wrecking the lives of hundred thousands of evacuees crammed inside their evacuation sites where they were herded by gov’t authorities when forced to evacuate from their homes at the height of the bedlam to avoid caught in the crossfires.

There are right now a total of 374 families or equivalent to a total of 1,805 displaced individuals temporarily sheltered in those 21 well-knit, well-arranged and aptly well-systematized built bunkhouses that’ll prepare them, if they opt to, for transfer to their soon-to-be constructed permanent homes that they call their own, fashioned after their own well-acclimatized traditional lifestyles-- like the badjaos whose known culture is more adapted to the sea, hence their homes are tailored after those stilt houses that we commonly see in most Muslim villages situated in the city’s coastal shores.
“We’ll let them voluntarily choose whether they like to stay permanently in Taluksangay or prefer to return to their homes of origin. It’s really up to them” revealed Lilibeth Nuño, daughter of Cong. Lilia Nuño and of former  Councilor Abdurahman Nuño-representing Liga ng mga Barangay sector then.

But, remnants of yet hundreds of evacuees still hound the city, as we literally can see up tio now their actual shadows dangerously in their horizontal postures inside their own shacks doing nothing but wait for their turn in getting their shares from those donations placed under the care of our city gov’t., particularly the City Social and Welfare Office(CSWO) and/or the Department of Social Welfare & Development(DSWD).
“Ay naku!” ya keha’ di-unabes c Bogs sin abla.
Ese pa!@

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