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Zamboangueños are ‘voracious’ rice-eaters



“ THOSE who exalted themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” (Mathew 23: 12)

(Words of enlightenment)

GOD wants his people to exercise humility, and not to brag about themselves. This statement of his is very profound for he wants us to be even in meekness, as this world doesn’t belong to us.

 Though, in great wealth in this physical world, but bear in mind that one day we’ll leave everything behind what we possess in this material world.

 And, that’s when we face physical death, for all the wealth that we own in this world will be ultimately left behind by us, in the end.

 When buried six feet below the ground, all that we bring with us to our lonely grave is what we’re given to wear for our burial by our loved ones we’ll leave behind, as well( in this secular world). Email:

DIST. 2 Councilor Miguel  “Mike” Camins Alavar III got what he wanted to do as a two-term city legislator in the August Body.

 AT-LEAST two proposed measures of his are now what maybe considered as his “landmark” pieces of legislation in the city.

AND, these two approved edicts of his are: the need to computerize all the pertinent records of the sanggunian panlungsod of ours, and the one(1)- barangay/ one(1)- product promotion program. This is one noble concept that’ll let all & sundry fall in love with what there’s to offer by our different barangays that we can be proud of.

ZC has a total of 98 barangays, and each of them, we presuppose, has their own distinct, unique and attractive products to promote like the “lokot-lokot”; “alpahor”; “kari-kari”; “bagon-gata”, and etc.

Councilor Alavar espouses the views that as duly-elected public servant-leaders, they shouldn’t simply be there virtually ‘hibernating’ in their comfort zone/s but know how to assimilate with their own people at all times, especially with the poor majority known living in their impoverished communities.

I agree with our debonair city alderman 101%.

“Hinde’ lang kta pirmi sta na diaton oficina o anda lang durante el diaton session, but to go out and be with our people from the grass-root level,” he stressed.

“Ese clase de lider qiere kta ki, y hinde’ kel ladra, ladra lang lli pero’ nuay man ni obra ta dale mira,” aba c Bogs ya ase ya tamen su pasaplit.

“Deberas ,man tamen,” C Ador ta comporma tamen gayot.

“Konose kta cunesos, bosing,” c Nado maski de monte lang ste, pero’ up-to-date tamen.


NFA Provincial Manager Gaudencio “Boy” Nuega, Jr. on Friday(June 6) informed that for this year 2014, a total of 6 and even 7 shipments of imported rice are scheduled to arrive in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

“As a matter of fact, Jun, we’re already doing our unloading of these rice shipments, and one of which has already been completed by us just now,” Nuega revealed.

Approximately 800,000 metric tons of imported rice from Vietnam are to be shipped to our country this year, and that our region IX in the whole Zamboanga Peninsula, to include BaSulTa(Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-tawi), is allocated with a total of 36,000 metric tons or the equivalent of 720,000 bags of the said imported cereal from a fellow Asean nation(Vietnam).

“The bulk of these rice shipments will be allocated for us here in our city, because we have the largest number of rice- consumers here,” Nuega pointed out.

AT the same time, Boy Nuega warned anew all the NFA rice retailers not to overprice their NFA rice products to the buying public.

“Please don’t sell NFA rice more than the allowed retail price of P17 only, kasi grabe ang penalties we usually impose on them, kung  mag abusu sila,” Nuega issued his stern warning, as usual.

“Debe lang, cay ta uwi kta ta susede dao se,” c Bogs ya nota.

“Ta mescla gane’ dao na commercial rice cay dol nuay man dao diferencia na kalidad di-ila,” c Ador ya nota.

“Yo ste ta kome lang yo mais aroz, mas bueno pa. Ta mira tu se mi kulado, bosing? Dol culadoy pan de sal hinde ba?” c Nado hinde’ gat siempre ta atrasa.

“Hinde’ se kulado Nado, vena pasmao se!,” acaba yak ta ste, ya ase pa visto c Bogs cun Nado.

Ay amboot!

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