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No truth to talks that IBT lot in Divisoria is up on sale


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DURING Monday morning(June 9)’s weekly City Hall press-con, our lady Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco- Salazar flatly denied that the city plans to sell its own 3-hectare lot property in Brgy. Divisoria  where its envisioned modern Integrated Bus Terminal(IBT) will be constructed.

The lady city executive categorically put it in brief: “No, there’s no truth it.”

She concurred with the earlier denial made by our City Administrator Antonio G. Orendain, Jr. when his subtle remarks came in this manner: “That’s not within our radar.”

If that’s exactly the unwavering plan of our city on this long delayed IBT project, then such an assurance from these two named top local officials of ours in here, will surely assuage the feelings of the majority of our local folks known as likewise strongly opposed towards the possible privatization of our city’s two vital utilities— the ZCWD and the Zamcelco.

Henceforth, such loose talks of putting this supposed gargantuan project up on an auction block is but the mere product of those fond of building castle in the sky.

 IF so, then we don’t have any qualm at all with you, guys and gals.


MORE SO, the lady mayor’s retort on talks about the negatives on her when visiting barangays and not staying with their folks for a longer period of time to better know their particular problems, needs and concerns. She clarified thoroughly well, stating straightforward as she admitted her short presence when occasions like the “Mayor’s Night” don’t really need her pretty lengthy stay as she prefers to move around to be with the other inhabitants staying in other barangays. But she obliges herself to be even  for longer and grueling hours with her people when consulting with them in proper forum/s like the pulong, pulong sa barangays where her longer presence is that badly needed, more importantly.

ON that score, I think she’s darn rightly correct.

“Debe lang tamen entende kta cunelaton Nana del ciudad. And on that basis, let’s even support her the more.

Last Monday morning’s City Hall press briefing had shown our lady mayor in perfect poise and elegantly standing there with her pretty figure, as if just in her 30’s or even much younger.

“Dol hinde’ man si Mayor Beng taman age, joven lang man le siempre,” whispered my good pal beside me, Dodong R.

“Mapait c Dodong R. very much impressed by our lady mayor’s  beauteous bearing. “Porke tu bosing hinde tu impressed?” c Bogs yaman derechahan yacun bosing.

Of-course, so very much! 

“Otras cosas ya se Dong, bosing,” na c Nadoya man saway pa cunestos dos kebien ego’ pa gayot.

Ese pa!@

By: Jun Feliciano

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