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ZC must have two evacuation sites



“A person is a fool to store up earthly but not have a rich relationship with GOD.” (Luke 12: 21)

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EXACTLY! A man is a fool, for sure, if he possesses vast wealth in the world but so poor in the sight of God, spiritually. Email:


THIS is so sad when many of us in mi ciudad de Zamboanga are somewhat at a loss, not being able to do something at all– meaning virtually in a state of inutility and vulnerability when  great disasters(God forbid!) ravage our city.

IN this connection, we need to set up and be ready this early our needed massive contingency plan much ahead of time.

ONE of these possible strong preemptive measures is to establish those required major evacuation centers— one in the east-coast and another one in the west-coast.

“That should even be always the case, Jun. We should even do it fast, because, for all you know, huge disasters can strike us here at any given time, for sure,” a top local environmentalist expressed fears.

“At-least, our people will know where to go if major disasters will strike us. And, there should be preparations to be made, by having those regular drills, those orientations, seminars and all that if only to prepare our people in times of large disasters in a bid to minimize casualties,” one former top city official expressed grave concern, too.

“As of now, it’s sad to note that our local officials here are not at all moving heaven & earth to protect our people from all these imminent big calamities,” he keenly noted.

“Na, hinde’ ba kta mobe? Pasya, pasya lang usando fondo del ciudad, dol akel nuay gayot lingasa?” c Bogs ta regaña ya tamen.

“Tiene man dao contingeny plan el ciudad.  Pero talli dao se  major evacuation center del ciudad na Petti Barracks,” c Ador sabe man.

“What? You mean to say, they’ll mobilize and evacuate all the city populace to that site as mentioned? That’s one of the low-lying areas in our city. That’s a suicidal move on our part,” a concerned folk here was alarmed.

 My gosh!


DURING my teleradyo show aired/viewed when log on to Mindanao, it was the turn of Dist. 2 Councilor BG B. Guingona IV to engage in a scrimmage with Pencing.

Pencing started the ball rolling, focusing on his being young and talented public servant-leader, vis-à-vis  his vast experience being in the legislative works—not necessarily as  member of any legislative branch, but being in the Lower House working with the staff of his uncle then Congressman TG Guingona III, now a senator.

Young BG, only in his mid 20’s, and a neophyte in the city council, having been elected only in last year’s May 14 local polls, is making waves in the local legislative in mi ciudad de Zamboanga. BG, as he’s merely addressed by those having known him that well, did pretty darn well, as his much ballyhooed resolution strictly regulating the sale of firecrackers and all other  pyrotechnics, for that matter, there was, for the first time ever, not a single casualty ever recorded at the height of the new year’s revelry last January.

“Yes, not a single fire-crackers-related casualty was recorded in new year’s eve. And, we’re studying the possibility in our local council, if we can totally ban the sale of firecrackers and all the other pyrotechnics in our city,” Guingona IV contemplated.

He also managed to clear his name( anew) as being besmirched by certain media outlets and/or personalities unduly dragging him into the mining issue in here.

 BG snapped back, saying that his job calls for helping invite potential investors to business in mi ciudad de Zamboanga, being the committee chair on trade and investment.

He said, notwithstanding, he is a good sport in politics, yet he entreats critics, as well, to please balance aptly well their news stories/commentaries on certain contentious issues unduly implicating them( city officials) sans getting their sides, as well.

BG reiterated his having a clear conscience over supposed rumors of him being with certain top ATRO mining officials out dining in one posh restaurant somewhere in Metro Manila, as being underhandedly shown on local television station/s here.

The young city councilor, if only to douse all speculations against him, said he just couldn’t afford at all to blemish their own Guingona’s known reputable name in here.

The Sta. Catalina-hailed city alderman looks every inch an innocent young man being bluntly subjected to a smear campaign launched this early by his supposed political detractors.

“Claro lang,” c Bogs ta suspecha ya tamen.

Ay amboot!@

By: Jun Feliciano

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