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Godless parents producing RP’s plunderers


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: "…`By their fruit you will recognize them… every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit’…" (Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, in Matthew 7:16-18, the Holy Bible).


GODLESS PARENTS PRODUCING RP’S PLUNDERERS: Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle maybe correct: corruption (such as that highlighted by the P10 billion pork barrel plunder involving lawmakers from both houses of Congress and even among executive department officials) can be blamed on the parents of the erring officials, for teaching them bribery when they were still young children, right inside their homes.

If the truth is to be told, though, it is not just bribery that many Filipino parents are teaching their children, for several generations now. Parents are also teaching something worse than bribery, and it is godlessness, by having a "lip-service" kind of faith in God—a faith that is more honored in words, rather than in deeds, or a faith that is without works, and is therefore dead, and terribly useless.

This is best demonstrated by the parents’ inability—and the conceded inability of many religious and spiritual leaders, likewise—to teach their children to read the Bible, and carefully obey everything that is written in it. Children have been, and are still being, taught to practice their faith in God only superficially, like going to masses and praise and worship sessions, without however really knowing, and then living, the Word of God.


FILIPINO FAMILIES NO LONGER TALK ABOUT GOD: I already wrote it before, and I write it again here: "I took an informal survey… of… parents (who) were actually talking about God and His Word with their families and especially children. Nobody raised their hands, confirming once more that a great number of Filipino families nowadays do not talk about God and the Bible inside their homes anymore.

"Next, I asked who among the parents were reading the Bible. There were three women who raised their hands, and all the rest kept their heads bowed down. The three were members of Christian churches where Bible reading is being taught by their pastors and their leaders. Even among the three, however, they only displayed a passing familiarity, not deep knowledge, of the Bible.

"I then told the parents that, in a situation such as this, it is no wonder that many young Filipino kids are now embroiled in drugs, pre-marital sex, in gang wars and in various crimes. Because Filipino children are no longer taught the Word of God, they have been growing up without God, and, therefore, have become capable of mischief and misdemeanor and, also, criminality.


PARENTS MUST START BEING SPIRITUAL THEMSELVES: "What then must parents do to assure that their children will learn and know and obey the Word of God? Well, they must first start with themselves—the parents, I mean. Parents everywhere should start going back to the Bible—reading it daily, meditating on it day and night, and carefully obeying everything that is written in it.

"Likewise, they should start attending church and praise and worship services in earnest, together with their spouses and their children, and all others who reside with them in their houses (including househelps, drivers, and other workers). Then, they should also display an eagerness to help their churches with financial gifts, to enable their members to go out and proclaim the Word.

"It is only when the children will realize that their own parents have turned sincere in pursuing a deeper understanding of the Bible and a stronger relationship with God that they themselves will strive to be more spiritual and guided by God. Then and only then will the children be really guided, blessed and protected by God from any and all evil."


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By Atty. Batas Mauricio


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