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(Mecca-bound pilgrims asking): “When will be the Merscov lecturing, Doc?”



“SING aloud unto God with our strength: make a joyful noise unto God.” ( Psalm 81: 1)

(Words of enlightewnment)

The Lord our God and his angels will rejoice in heaven if we worship him with all our heart, our mind, our spirit and all our strength. Our Father in Heaven and his multitudes of angels will be greatly attracted if we sing him with all our strength and even shout with all joy in praising him. That’s the reason why God wants us to store wealth in Heaven by means of our praises, worships, thanksgivings and all our respects as these are equivalent to our currencies being deposited in Heaven. These are equivalent to our wealth stored in Heaven where no thieves, robbers nor even moths to destroy, steal or eat up our wealth in Heaven. Email:


CITY Health Officer Dr. Rodel Agbulos assured us the other day(was it only early last week of June when Pencing ambushed him for an interview?) that he’ll see to it that all our potential pilgrims for the Haj this year in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, will be well lectured on how to avoid this deadly “Merscov” (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) virus while on pilgrimage starting this month of August.

“I’m just waiting when will be its schedule for the lecturing from our Congresswoman (Lilia Nuño. We’ll be gathering all those planning to leave for the pilgrimage to be lectured them on all the precautionary measures against this “Merscov.” We’ll also tap the assistance of the DOH. But, we’ll gather them by groups. I’ll just wait for the schedule from our Congresswoman Nuño,” Dr. Agbulos informed.

(It was actually Dist. 2 Cong. Lilia M. Nuño who first sounded off her grave concern for our local pilgrims-to-be for the Haj this year to be thoroughly lectured on this deadly illness if only to prevent them from being inflicted while in their important sojourn in Mecah, Saudi Arabia, for such a spiritual obligation that each and every Muslim should abide even once in their lifetime).

THE city’s chief physician, in his advanced info with regards to this “Merscov,” issued such precautions to our supposed prospective pilgrims to Mecah for 2014, that while there in their solemn journey, “Please avoid going to crowded places and minimize camel rides, because this type of virus points to camels as its carrier.”

DR. Agbulos expressed his fear about this “Merscov” as this is even more fatal than the so-called “Sars”.

“Yes, this “Merscov” is even more fatal than the “Sars”, that’s why we’d like all these prospective pilgrims of ours to be thoroughly lectured on how to avoid getting such infection while there making their annual pilgrimage,” the good city physician expounded.

DR. Agbulos described further the “Merscov”: “This is respiratory in nature. We’ll thoroughly touch and tackle on this particular issue when we’ll schedule for its lecturing prior to their pilgrimage.”

“Debe lang gayot, cay para nuay ningunus degracia porcausa de-ese Merscov,” c Bogs bien concerned tamen gayot.

“Nomas gayot sila man dapu’ lla na mga crowded areas, pate’ nomas ya sila munta, munta mga camel lla cay alli dao ta sale se virus,” c Ador ya dale tamen precaution, tampa doctor tamen ste.

“Yo ste bosing, ta munta lang na mi carabao. Ste mi carabao asegurao yo nuay ste Merscov, tiene lang ste manada ga’rapata,” acaba ya gayot kta cuneste c Nado, de monte gayoott! Ta combersa kta aserca de merscov, ele tamen yaman cuchara mal labao, el cuento de ga’rapata!  Ay ke buwsitt!@ 

By: Jun Feliciano

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