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“The game of thrones”


The hit television fantasy drama series from HBO is now running on its nth season. Its story is revolved around a fictional world from the past with opposing continents involving seven kingdoms trying to overthrow each other to reign supreme. The drama, plots, schemes and dark secrets unravel and thickens as every new season unfolds. We will just have to wait for the season finale to find out who wins and who loses and who perishes in between.

From the past, let us go back to the future. Everyone aspires to sit in a “throne” to reign, be it in a presidential palace, house of senate, local government units, executive positions, beauty events, inclusion in a Guinness Book of World Records, sports achievements, having the most number of Facebook friends, followers and “selfies” taken and garnering the most followers on Twitter, or just trying to justify who is the “commander-in-chief” in our own simple home, just to cite some examples. Mankind’s thirst for recognition and achievement is pursued since the beginning of time. We always aim to be number one or the best among the best. Being second is not an option, well, specifically to some.

Why is it so? Well, we can just Google over the internet the reasons from psychologists, sociologists or any scientists or we can just make some self-introspections, dig deeper into our psyche to get some answers or we can just stare at the mirror and look at our reflections and analyze at what we see and maybe ask the questions “Who are you? What are you made of? What makes you tick? Have you got what it takes? and etcetera.” And if the responses are positive in their own personal thoughts, then they start embarking on the journey of their lifetimes, even though those responses may be distortions of the real facts.

Anyways, the ultimate “thrones” men aspire for are those that command the most followers with a wide ranging scope, say, like a king or a queen of a large kingdom, a president or a prime minister of a country or a dictator. Since a lot of people want to be number one, some will try to use all means possible to be in their shoes! Be it with ingenuity, creativeness, perseverance and patience or hard work or will use the easiest tools available such as intrigues, backstabbing, blame-games, or in extreme cases, they just poison them or have them exterminated just to get their positions. Some also have the illusion or delusion of having that throne just because they feel that they are close to the powers that be, therefore, can get away with whatever they impose on the always suspecting subalterns even without any legal identity or moral ascendancy.

So what happens when a person does not have the rightful claim to the throne? I can just imagine what the picture will look like – BLURRED! There is no future to talk about or to imagine at. Much worse if the minions or the mountain climbers of society shall act as kings, their subjects would not be able to accomplish anything worthwhile as no directions are set, mistakes will ensue, blames are finger-pointed, the populace will panic, an upheaval will be born, operations shall come to a standstill, the economy will flounder and the kingdom will disintegrate. Just like in the television series where it narrates “the queen without a crown; the pawns will rise; and the king will stumble!”

So if you want to reign, make sure you are the rightful heir to the throne!

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By: Bovic L. Lucero

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