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The city’s ‘Gentleman Agreement’ with Zamcelco



“BUT, your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.” (Isaiah 59:2)

(Words of enlightenment)

OUR iniquities are hindrances as they block us from being with our God. They separate us from God, actually. AND, these iniquities boil down to our being disobedient to God’s will— including enthroning our own will, rather God’s will in our hearts and minds. Our iniquities always oppose whatever is the Lord’s will for us to follow and obey. When God commanded our first created parents Adam &Eve not to eat the forbidden fruit of the tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden, Satan the devil told them just the contrast: “Eat it for you’ll even become God like him.” He always opposes the will of God. And when we all those evil things, it only means just the complete opposite. And, there’s where we sin God. Email:


THERE’s this now the supposed  existing ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ for the contractor of our yet beleaguered SP building to settle the known incurred debt in the amount of over P600,000 by our own ‘modern’ city gov’t’s structure to Zamcelco for the massive works they did— especially in their weldering activities of all its defective roofings and/or other major glaring defects of this bedeviling structure during its almost 2-year weighty  rehab period, as supposedly forged in the contract to undertake such mammoth repairs  sometime in 2010 to 2012, more or less.

CITY Engr. Luis Vicente Despalo when interviewed by this corner last Monday, as always, assured that per ‘agreement,’the city won’t release to the out-of-town contractor its remaining collectibles amounting to some P2 million until and unless there’s this 100% completion of their repair works of thisdogging SP structure of ours right there seated on its well-defined complex, albeit its nearness to the city’s persistent woes confounding the more its social ills—the remaining throngs of evacuees still lodged inside the badly ruined sports oval of our public school’s large grandstand overlooking the once deftly- rubberized oval.

And when satisfactorily 100% complete—meaning, once the city will now accept its turnover from the contractor, the P2 million collectibles from our city, will be automatically deducted when the actual payment will be made, according to Despalo.

THE contractor can only collect lesser the amount of P600,000 plus that’ll go toZamcelco unjustly denied of such payment for a pretty long period of time.

“Poresogane’ apavoryo se if we only tap local contractors, cay pasilyalangcanilaincuntra c tiene man mga obligation paraase se mga repair works antes kepuedesilacolecta100% cuneldiaton ciudad,” pointed out Despalo.

“Na aura, c el contractor hinde’ se asecompleta, quieredecirdehalangcunesetrabaho de repair cuantosmga minor defects lli, kemanerayalang se debe del council cunelZamcelco?” c Bogs yaasesupregunta.

“Na, aseguraocurtayagayot el Zamcelcocunesecorientellinaconseho,” c Adorta asemiedo.

“Nuayproblema se, usasilasulu’lli de bagacay,” c Nado de montesiempresupensamiento.

“Aba, manadagane’ sen el ciudad, ta puedegane’ man viaje, keteviaje el atonmgaofialeski, aba-aba nupuedesilapagacorienteilallicunelZamcelco? No sila man pa loko, ese General Manger del Zamcelco, c Engr. George Ledesmanuay se manadapalagra, c abla le curta, curtagayot le cunesemgacoriente del mgabalasubaski,” c Ador ta abisa, dol spokesman ma ste di GM Ledesma.

Estosgayottres, biensabiondolang gat siempre. Silaya ta man escrimaslli. Pero’, maskiansina man sostrespakasabiondo, they sort of wakening up these people— our so-called public servant-leaders(kono’), fortheir supposed enigmatic ways.

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By: Jun Feliciano

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