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Muslims preparing for the month of Ramadan; formidable ladies among the sama; A historic royal visit


“Genuine courage stems solely out of its possessor’s conviction. This conviction is not affected by desire or whim but rather by truthfulness and honesty with himself

-Khalid Muhammad Khaalid, Men Around the Messenger

“Ramadan is also the month of grace; of great religious fervor and  a time of forgiveness”

-Malek Chebel, Symbols of Islam (2000)

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After the 15th day of the month of Sha’ban (1435 A.H) last June 13, 2014 CE, the more than one billion muslims worldwide began to have spiritual cleansing  of themselves through charity, cheerfulness, the observance of honesty and high fervor of prayers and other righteous acts a muslim could perform prior to the opening of the doors of Heaven (of God’s mercy) upon the muslim believers- the coming of the holyest month in Islam- the month of Ramadan.

The month of Sha’ban ends on June 27, 2013 where the Moon-Sighting ritual commences at sunset of the 27th of June  (which is the 29th of Sha’ban), in accordance with the injunction of Allah’s Apostle Muhammad (SAW), if the crescent moon is sighted at sunset of June 27th, then the first day of Ramadan will be on June 28th, this year. But if by natural causes the moon is not sighted on the mentioned date, the month of Sha’ban shall be completed as 30 days, the following it will be counted as the first day of Ramadan, so said the Hadith of the Holy Prophet of Islam.

As Ramadan unfolds, we will post you with the other activities that will follow.

This early I say, Ramadan Kareem! But do not say “Happy Ramadan”, there is no such greeting in Islam! Its Bidaa!

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If the Sama menfolk could not fight dishonesty, treachery, falsehood in the guise of truth; principle vs conceit and greed, muslim Sama “Royal Ladies” are taking over, and donning the “Armor of Righteousness”

Because it was perceived that the IP Selection of the Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representative (IPMR) last June 5, 2014 was not done in all honesty, these two ladies will uncover the “anomalous” selection those affected better prepare yourselves for the “battle” ahead.   Profusely, I thank Allah for sparing me from this calamity which is about to fall. I am happy, indeed, happy that I was not selected, otherwise, I would be facing such formidable force greater than the strongest hurricane in history.

The two Sama “Royal Ladies” both  were former city councilors, coming from prominent Sama families- Ms. Llibeth M. NuÑo of the NuÑo clan and Ms. AL-Jihan Rebollos-Edding, daughter of the late Councilor Asbi Edding.

These two “Royal Ladies” will right the wrong done last June 05 2014. I will not speculate what the two ladies will do but this will give a lot of headache to the IPMR, the City DILG  and the City NCIP.

If the Sama menfolk failed, these ladies will succeed, perhaps you will see one of them back at the city council, in fighting shape! Thank God we have such ladies and both are genuine from the SAMA tribe.

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Last July 5, 2012, the entire city was thrown into subdued frency because a “royal visitor” came for the first time in Zamboanga’s history. Our city was one of the three cities accorded that rare honor of receiving Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain, the other two were the cities of Manila and Legaspi in the Bicol Region.

In the calendar of the Interreligious Solidarity for Peace (ISP) we paid tribute to that day of the Queen’s visit and is marked on the calendar as “Historic visit of Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain to Zamboanga City”.

If Zamboanga City believes in the sincerity of the Queen’s visit as a historic one, then an official declaration should be accorded to that day of the Queen’s visit–truly, “A Friendship Day” with Spain, “The former Mother Country of the Philippines” #

By: Prof. Ali T. Yacub

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