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BENG remains unfazed by the PDAF scandal



“Because they’re seeing see not and hearing they hear not, neither they do understand.”(Mathew 13:13)

(Words of enlightenment)

THIS parable given by the Lord Jesus Christ in the Scripture, tells us of those belonging to the false church, stressing: “They hear the Word of God but they don’t obey it. And, the true church is where we can find those who hear the Word of God and obey it. Remember, my brothers and sisters, the basis of our eternal salvation is still obedience to the Lord’s will. Email:


OUR Lady Mayor Maria Isabelle “Beng” Garcia Climaco-Salazar gifted us(all the fathers) with an eye-catching vibrant handkerchief in observance of Father’s Day last Monday(June 16) during City Hall Press-con.

Good, the lady mayor looks gorgeous as always, and she looks good, as well.

THAT’s always what we wish her for, as she’s the Mom of our city, taking care of her, like a baby still in malnourishment after being rendered weak and frail due to those maladies that struck us late last year. (I don’t need to elaborate them further. You and I knew them damn well, right?)

DON’T entirely blame her for all that we see messy in mi ciudad de Zamboanga. In all fairness, she’s doing what she probably can ably and aptly capable to do— in seeing to it that her arduous housekeeping chores in clearing all those mess in here, are on the right track.

WE just have to support her with our utmost best, as well.

NOW, here it comes. Pencing’s turn when the local media had its field day, as expected, during its Q/A portion:

“Mayor, how do you react to this report that your name is expected to be included in the so-called 3rd batch of the Napoles list with regards to the PDAF scam?”

WITH a gleaming face, the mayor managed to pull one over those out to throw mud on her.

 I CAN’T exactly state in here, her explicit response, but the fact, as she elucidated (probably, for the nth time) that she had her own PDAF amply well utilized for all her projects poured in her district 1, somehow brightened up our  seemingly demoralized sagacity on her.

HER dexterous remarks somehow make us feel secure again under her watch— the way so many felt when she won so lopsided during the mayoralty showdown in last year’s local polls.

SO, Mayor Beng, don’t ever have the impression that Pencing is that type of person injurious to your administration. If I ever happen to sound as if criticizing you, as if I look like one, then it’s all for the sake of say, for sure, waking up not only singling you out, but all the rest of your peers in public service. Get me my good lady mayor? There’s really nothing out to besmirch or even try to malign you at all. Honest.


THE ZCPO press corps is for the commendation of those who right away effected the arrest of the two suspects in the broad-daylight gun attack just last week of the late Madam Salva, owner of the Salwa hotel located on Gov. Camins Ave. this city.

I’M for it, if only to help motivate our own folks here out to help our local police get those bastards trying to reign terror in mi ciudad de Zamboanga. Well done Rawhide! Show them the way!


IN last Tuesday morning’s regular session of our city council here, our DAR regional director Julita Atilano Ragandang(a blue-blooded Zamboangueña) explicated thoroughly well that irrigated lands and even those irrigable lands are but non-negotiable, in so far as their conversion into either industrial, commercial or residential lands is concerned.

BUT, there arein certain cases, as what we gathered from her, wherein they can be made very well convertible into such( as cited above).

AND SO, if that’s how we are made to believe about our laws, as they appear as not that assertive, not as firm as they should be—meaning they but merely toothless in their application and in their implementation, then they can just be simply circumvented to favor the few who have the so-called the might and the means. But, for the rest of us—those belonging to the majority comprising the larger segment of our society( the poor ones), the law is really that harsh. “The law maybe harsh, but that’s the law,” as our justice system strongly invokes.

Lugi’ siempre c Juan delas Cruz.

“Sabe yaman tu bosing, ste nation diaton mata pobre gat ste. Embes era pro- poor o pro-Filipino( cay mayorparte diaton ki pobre man gayot) o debe era Filipino first, mas takeda ya kta ki dehao. Tan apabor pa gayot kta cunestos mga aliens ki. Poreso, economically, bandito ya kta ste cunesots mga kaput(Chinoy)! Asta donde pa aton suerte ki! Bien malas gat kta este!

THERE’s only one good reason for all of these hexes right now   in our very midst. It’s all because, many of us in here look truly more as hypocrites in the sight of God. Pardon me, but that’s the truth. We can’t deny that, cos we’re spiritually bankrupt! Spiritually dumb! Spiritually dead!

“Dol rabiao yaman tamen c bosing, Ador?” c Bogs taman lingasa.

“Hinde’ se rabiao, bold lang se,” c Ador ya aclara.

“Cosa? Bold star?” na c Nado el de monte, nuay mas tamen entende. Bien mal uwido ya tamen. Ma’as ya! Ese pa!@

By: Jun Feliciano

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