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NO LTO stopping vs. all colorum vehicles



"Not everyone who calls out to me Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in Heaven will enter."( Matthew 7: 21)

(Words of enlightenment)

THIS is truly happening in the spiritual realm where our real life begins upon our death(physically). When we all face our Creator( as no one is exempted from death), God will only ask us one thing: "My son/daughter, did you obey my will while on the earth?"

AND many will try to act very conceited, very pretentious( as all of us aim to be in Heaven), and answer to God: "Yes Lord, we have prophesied in your name, we have cast demons in your name and performed many miracles in your name. But the Lord will answer us back: "I never knew you. Get away from my sight, you who break my laws." Email:


LTO-9 Director Atty. Alex Abaton has stressed that their massive campaign to aggressively enforce the joint AO of the DOTC, LTO and LTFRB will relentlessly be pursued by their law enforcers nay any compromise at all.

"Tuloy ito, kasi wala naman legal impediments why we cannot implement and enforce the said law of this revised( increased) fines and penalties. There was no granting of the protestants’ seeking for a TRO from the Supreme Court," the lawyer- LTO- 9 top brass underscored.

He added: "We understand the sentiments of our transport sector about the high fines and penalties, but if no one will violate the law, there’s nothing there to pay."

He said the aim of this law is to ensure discipline among our motorists, our commuters and to all our riding public.

"One of the strategies really is to ensure talaga ng diciplina relative to our campaign for road safety," Dir. Abaton emphasized.

O ano? Maliwanag na tayo? Kasi wala tayong diciplina sa ating mga sarili. Yan ang dapat gawin! Walang sisihan!

"Tupao ba kel tagalok d bosing?" c Bogs ya ase su pregunta.

Ke se yo!


DIST. 2 Councilor Kim Elago over the weekend, stressed that we in here( the Zamboangueños) have nothing to worry about this supposed alarming report with regards to the infestation of the so-called "Cocolisap" in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

"I talked with (City Agriculturist) Boy Palacat and he told me that this Cocolisap has been here already in our city. But, it has failed to wreak havoc here because we are in intercropping also," Kim lago explained.

He said unlike in other parts of the region and even in other parts of the country like as far as Batangas, Tacloban and in neighboring provinces of Sibugay like the town of Ipil and in Basilan, "because they are purely in coconut (plantations) without considering intercropping. While in Zamboanga City, we are engaged also in massive intercropping like planting also other crops and fruit trees like Mango, Lanzones, then cocoa, coffee and other crops. These insects will no longer concentrate attacking only our coconuts but more on other trees. Poreso, minimal de-este clase de problema aki na diaton ciudad.And, according to Palacat, this can easily be cured by soap-watering them," The good city councilor from Brgy. Tetuan passed on such farming tips.

‘Aba, ya kda ya famer dimiyo idol," c Nado nuay atrasa, idol ya tamen dao suyu c Consehal Kim Elago.

"Ansina gayot se, todo lli na Conseho idol dao disuyu," c Ador ya contesta, dol de gangya’ cuneste de monte.

Acaba ya kta ste, taman scrimas ya tamen sila tres. Pero’ tiene sos mga puntu lli. No gayot man karang, karang cunesos. No gayot!@

By: Jun Feliciano


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