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IP’s chosen one can’t sit in the city council?



“LET GOD’s curse fall on anyone, including us even an angel from heaven who preaches a different kind of Good News than the one we preached to you.” (Galatians 1: 8)

(Words of enlightenment)

THAT’s exactly what God wants us to know about the truth, that if a teaching that even comes from someone in heaven like the angel, is far from what’s being taught to us by our Lord Jesus Christ— that is to follow only God’s will no matter what, then let them be accursed. So, this is one major factor( in the spirit) that we need to be extra cautious, for it, indeed, underscores the true teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. To cite an instance: If supposedly one ‘holy person’ comes from nowhere and teaches us that Jesus is not from God, then let he or she be accursed, though he/she claims to come from heaven above. For, indeed, Jesus Christ comes from God, for he was conceived not through any man, but trulyby the Holy Spirit. Though his mother Mary is a human being, yet his Father is of the Holy Spirit.” Email:


IF they continue on with this kind of medium—I mean the Chabacanodialect( that’s our very own), in the council— especially during their weekly regular sessions( every Tuesday morning), then, perhaps, as certain sectors are said rooting for it, they’ll expertly discuss/ deliberate and tackle all their items in their agenda for the day, nay finding it burdensome, at all.

THIS is what is being strongly suggested by( I repeat) certain quarters after witnessing our city legislatorstackle all salient matters purely in our own lingo during the whole proceedings.

“Aura lang se silatamanlisut cay ta turbia pa desoslenguacombersachabacano, pero’ siman anat sos, bonito ya kta uwi cunesos,” one was heard from the gallery during their session Tuesday(June 24).

LET’s find out if they are amenable to such observation.

“Cay alla gane’ na Cebu, di-ila dialect sila ta usa na conseho di-ila. Tambien na Ilo-Ilo, Ilongo tamen sila ta usa. So, why can’t we also let our councilors do their talking during theirsessions in our own vernacular?,” c Bogs ya nota cuandoyaandadao le pasya’ na Cebu.

Mira gane’ kta.


ACCORDING to one highly credible source, the Supreme Court just came out with its latest ruling— relative to the recent event in here that supposedly selected our own Indigenous Peoples(IP)’s representative to our city’s local legislative body.

IF only to surmise as to why up to now there’s yet for us to see our IP’s ‘chosen one’ to sit as their supposed rightful representative in the city council, only proves that such an advanced info could indeed be thegospel truth.

This is indeed worth watching in the days to come. So, Abangann!

WHAT’s more interesting and even disturbing is that those behind its alleged concoction/ manipulation are said in hot water, right now.

If true, then it’s just very unfortunate that such an activity merely went to the gully. My goodness!


AND so, Dist. 1 Cong. CelsoLobregat is really bent”to lecture” our councilors in their own turf—that’s the sanggunianpanlungsod on RT Lim Blvd, Baliwasan, on the issue about the proposed Bangsamoro bill.

But, wait, Dist. 1 Councilor “Jawo” Jimenez, Jr., when he stood in the council during its regular session on Tuesday, appeared to vent his ire on his  ownNinong (Oslec) when he felt the former city mayor and now 

Dist. 1 House Rep. Celso Lobregat scorned them this early when latter supposedly depicted them as favoring for its proposed Bangsa Moro for ZC if those minority councilors are opposed to his being invited in the August Body to talk about his vehement objection to this proposed Moro Bangsa bill.

To think that this pending bill has yet to be tackled in Congress, why all the fuss this early,huh?

“Alam na,” c Bogs yaman tagalok, tagalok pa na su gangyada.  Ay keseyo combos Bogs!


THE young city legislator from Ayala appeared eager to even debate with his NinongCelso on this highly contentious issue when the latter appears on July 1— the next scheduled regular session of the council.

BUT, he and his comrades in the minority were immediately stifled when presiding officer VM Cesar Iturralde warned them, outright: “Don’t ever embarrass any of our guests in the council.”


“Entonses, debe sila lli uwi ki uwi yalang cun So’ combersa. Quiere decir, remain merely as his good listeners, period.

“Hinde’ se kda thrilling, bosing  c anda lang man kta lli para’uwi cunele, mas bueno nomas yalang kta anda, di-unambes,” c Ador dol ya sale disgustao.

  “Quiere kta mira canila lli man debate gayot para sabe ya kien tupao lli y c quien pampa’ron lli,”  c Nado el de monte dol ta entende gayot le cosa se issue. Ay Nadoo! Bien sabyondo gat bos!@

By: Jun Feliciano

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