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City gov’t still owes biz-sector due to Sept. bloody standoff?



“But, I say, love your enemies. Pray for those who persecute you. In that way, you’ll be acting as true children of your father in Heaven. For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rains on the just and the unjust, alike.” ( Mathew 5: 44- 45) 

(Words of enlightenment)

Our Father in heaven teaches us not only to love our own friends and neighbors, but also our enemies. That means don’t hate your enemies. Instead, pray for them that hate you and persecute you. And do good to them that despitefully use you. Our God doesn’t discriminate in providing all his goodness to mankind. Be they are on the evil side or on the good side, God doesn’t favor at all in providing all what we( human beings) need in this world to survive and to sustain our own individual lives, whether they’re doing evil or doing the good things in life, it doesn’t matter realy to God, for we’re all created unto his very image.

 BUT, when Judgment comes after our death here on the earth, there’s where He’ll separate the wicked from the righteous, and cast them all( the wicked) in the torments of the fires of hell. Email:


WHAT’s this that the city gov’t still owes huge to certain business establishments in here?

DURING the crucial period of the Sept. bloody siege last year, the city supposedly made numerous orders from scores of stores here for emergency needs aimed to help the so many affected by the standstill when the heavily-armed MNLF attackers clashed with our combined AFP/PNP troops in the six urban villages of ours  in here.

“Pero’ para anda ya kta colecta canila, asta aura, man un año yalang, manda, manda lang canaton man bira, bira,” one lady top worker of one private entity engaged in gas business, groaned the other day while inside the council.

Accordingly, the city has yet to settle its obligation to the tune of something like P300,000 plus.

 Ese pa!

“Donde yaman ya ginda ese mga worldwide relief donations ya ricibi el ciudad dao diaton ki?” Bogs ya ase su grande pregunta.

Ay amboot!


ONE desperate mother, really shedding her tears after finally getting what she wished for. ONE cancer medical institution through the Binay foundation  will most likely afford help to her—particularly to her son in dire need for an immediate operation in Manila.

According to her, the doctor requires them to provide at-least the amount of P 300T for the scheduled surgery or else her son won’t live any longer.

One gov’t agency that she’s hoping to get help, as well, is the DSWD in here.

Let’s not make the lives of the poor here more so difficult. For, if we persist on, albeit our own President Noynoy’s call to attend well to those having less in life by providing them more in law, then, we can never, ever take off really, in so many aspects in the lives of the many poor Filipinos. Never ever!

There are so many loopholes/leaks that we notice going on in most line agencies of gov’t— be them from the LGU’s or from those belonging to the regional/ national levels, simply because of supposed red tapes in its bureaucratic system, and that, indeed, hurts P-Noy’s administration.

 Maskin kien keda caha’ president, cay porcausa buluk systeme del aton guberno, hinde’ gayot kta progresa bosing,” c Ador dol tab abla lang gayot el debersan.

“We have a rotten system in government for so long a time, dating back during the Spanish era that ruled us for almost 400 centuries, and that’s what we need to dismantle. But, the problem is,How do we dismantle it, huh? TRhat’s a huge question to get an honest answer right at this point in time, right?

What we need, right now to change our so many wayward ways. Put in ourselves that one thing missing right now in us:  Self-discipline. Unless, we discipline ourselves, that “Change for the Better” can never ever happen. really is self-discipline in us.

AND, most importantly, include God in our lives, for God feels so much neglected these days.  Keep, as awalsy attuned ourf spirit to the Lord’s Spirit, w we won’t be misled and worst, deceived by Satan Lucifer the devil, the evil spirit that haunts us everyday in our lives without our knowing it. If we can do this, then blessings( no longer curses) will again be showered and poured down upon us from Heaven. Believe me, my friend, because there are things that are unseen in our lives, but they’re real, my friend. One of them is our very own soul, hungry and so thirsty of the Words of God. The Words of God is food for our soul, my brothers and sisters. That soul in us is so precious in the sight of God. That’s why we need to feed our souls with that Mannah of Revelation from Heaven, and that’s the Words of God. Thanks, for lending your ears, for after all, we have nothing to lose here, but only our sin, period. Until then, God bless us all!@

By: Jun Feliciano

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