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WHAT’s this new threat all about?



“WHEN people mock you and persecute you and lie about you and say all sorts of evil against you because you are my followers, be happy about it! Be very glad! For great will be your reward in heaven!”( Matthew 5: 11-12) (Words of enlightenment)

 GOD never allows his sons and daughters go loose unrewarded when under persecution and all sorts of evil things hurled against them coming from unbelievers.

SO, don’t worry my brothers &sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ when under such circumstances because our Lord Almighty in heaven will honor us all when under intense persecution from our foes mocking us because we’re truly the Lord’s followers—spreading his true teachings for all mankind needing their Eternal Salvation upon their death here on the earth. Email:


THE Office of Civil Defense(OCF) in Region 9 has scheduled its yearly activities in line with its National Disaster Consciousness Month for 2014 this month of July 1-31.

ITS OIC Jose Eric Santos Castillo briefed the local media on Monday as to their NDCM 2014 Calender of Activities when a media confab was called through the help of our PIA office here under Dave Malcampo.

CASTILLO was bold enough to say that our city of Zamboanga has a lot of loopholes in its preparation for such disasters as what just struck us last Sept of 2013( meaning only last year, amigo).

“But, the awareness for such preparations is high,” Castillo added, referring to our city.

“ THE result of our level of readiness depends really on the very actual events that’ll strike us,” he further stressed.

NOW, he cautioned us— especially our LGU( meaning our own city of Zamboanga)), not to ever utilize schools in times of evacuation of the people in distress as a result of disaster/s with huge magnitude.

THE OCD usually recommends our LGU/s to use multi-purpose centers that we have like those in our respective barangays, “but not schools,” he reiterated.

“Ta abla ya kta canila, tampa sabe pa, poreso talli ya, bien gumuun gayot el ciudad asta este tiempo,’ c Bogs ya reclama ya tamen.

“Deberas man,” ta segunda siempre c Ador.

C Nado calliao man?

“Nuay pa llega bosing, cay patay, patay gayot su carabao,” c Bogs ya aclara.

Ay ke Karabao!


“Our number one problem here, and even so urgent to focus on by our local authorities, is peace and security,” sounded off several sectors, especially our business group, most of whom have even decided to pack up and leave mi ciudad de Zamboanga to somewhere else where the business climate is far much better of compared ours that’s even getting worse day by day.

“Even P-NOY warns Davao Mayor (Drigo) Duterte of their ownsimilar threat out there, what’s more here in our city?” Our concerned sector/s expressed strong fears.

ACCORDINGLY, this kind of threat is more potent than what we usually know of.

“THIS is a more deadly one,” according to them.

 I presume our both AFP/PNP know darn well what’s this all about type of a deadlier internal threat that they’re now more focused on without our knowing it that well, so as our populace won’t panic at all.

OUR authorities should better brace, and even do at its all level-best to nip right in its bud this early, otherwise it’ll be just too late for us to contain it.

I tell you!

“pirmi yalang ba kta reactionary? Nuay gayot proactive measures in place? Nuay el kese llama anticipatory move/s on our part, huh?” aba c Bogs dol expert ya gayot c ta combersa.

Pero’ tupao tamen gayot cosa le quiere ase entende hinde ba? “ c Ador ta compundi tamen.

“IT’s for our authorities to appropriately inform our constituents here as what’s really going on in here, as far as this supposed new threat is concerned.

WHAT’s up really, huh?

TELL us the truth, Mr. President. What’s this threat all about, Mr. President(P-NOY)?

Ay nakuuu!

“What’s happening to our country, Mr. President?”came that very profound question from then Vice Pres. Emmanuel Pelaez when he cheated death in an ambush during the Martial Law days back in the l970s.

And, until now, the same question resonates in us, among so many Filipinos, and the entire nation, for that matter.

Ay nakuuu!@

By: Jun Feliciano

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