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“DON’T store up treasure here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal. Wherever your treasure is, therethe desires of your heart will also be.” (Matthew: 6: 19-21)

(Words of enlightenment)

WHEN we praise, honour and even sing hallelujahs to the Lord, these are equivalent to storing treasures in Heaven. Even by saying Amen and clapping of hands attract heaven, and they can be our deposits under our name in Heaven above. AND, the most precious currency that we can store in heaven is when we obey God’s will no matter what. These treasures of ours deposited in Heaven can never ever be just go to the drain at all, unlike here on the earth right now where we live( temporarily). And, these treasures are meant for us to attain our own Eternal Salvation. Email:


ONE young personality we’re familiarwith as working in our local government( city) right now— having an exceptionally fine track record in his job right now, is Atty. Alexander “Eric” Elias. He’s the son of the late PAF Col. Anthony Elias, and his mother belongs to the Fernando clan from Brgy. Sta. Maria. Ma’am Fernando( sorry, I forgot her first name) is a former lady professor of WMSU.

ERIC is presently the city civil registrar of mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

ATTY. Elias’s name creates a stir this early in our local politics albeit prettyfar yet the next political exercise, that’ll still be in 2016.

“The guy needs a break really in our local politics. He has talents, and most likely he’ll consider running in nextelections,” one top political buff here deciphered

OTHER young local lots here oozing with tough leadership in their budding years can be very well exposed in here in my column, for you to know pretty well our next bunch of leaders, relatively, having more potentials to eventually lead our city towards genuine peace, progress and  prosperity in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

 Let’s, as always, keep our fingers crossed that one day such a dream of ours, finding the right kind of leaders, will ultimately become a reality.

“Cay aura, bosing, bienmalasgayotkita, cay mayor parte aton lideres ki para bien lang di-ila, nuay gayot para bien mismo ilamga vivientes,” c Bogs ya sale disgustao lang siempre.

“Deberas se,” c Ador tasegunda.

“Tienellibosing, acabar tu yaman buildup cunestos, y talli ya na ila altopuesto,yacambya di-unabesilastilo,” c Nadomaski de montelangste, sabestudyamga body language destos. Tiendaolli, bien arogante dao ya kda. Tiene dao lli, bien tutuy gayot yakeda cun algunus. Ay kebarbaridad!


 We were there having our early  postures in the gallery as we noted a lot  came in to listen to the keenly awaited ‘lecturing’ on Tuesday morning(July 1) of our Dist. 1 Cong. CelsoLobregat on the proposed Bangsa Moro  basic Law issue yet under close scrutiny by our Congress sometime this middle of the year.

I WAS waiting for it to start but it appeared, the usual common practice( for us Pinoys), it’d, for sure, reel off that late.

 AND so, I had to leave, despite my keen interest to listen tohim( Cong. Celso), as I had another much more important appointment to attend to.

NONETHELESS, I managed to get some major feedbacks from those who somehow happened to be there, and witnessed for themselves the supposed dialogue of our Cong. Celso with the members of our city council that day:

“Yan walkout yo, cay dolbira, biralang le cosa dol sabe yaman kta aserca cunese asuntu. Total, hinde’ yamanktalliincluhido, Cosapamankta man pusak, ketepusak?” Ariel A. expressed his dismay.

“Okay man. Buenogane’ se paraestaktavihilante,” Miss Mila O.—Academe;

“Doltamantuyu’ man yokel, cay cunswenyobayoJun( As if I wanted to nap, because I lacked sleep,” former city official (who opted anonymity) disclosed.

“Ok lang. We have nothing to lose by listening to him,”Punong Barangay;

“I was invited, hence my present there,” lady barangay chair.


Na tu Bogs, cosatupuedeabla?

“ Tacunsumi gat youwicunesetuyu idol. Bienagriu’ gayot ta keda mi karacunese.”


Na, tuAdor?

“Mira pa kta, sicosa ay resultacunesesudialogo.”

TuNado, cosa man tamentupuedeabla?

“Mio idol gat se, cay igual kame mestizo.”

Acabayaktaste, bangakgane’ siemprestehente.Akellang gale’ surason. Ay kebuwsitt gat bosNadooo!@

By: Jun Feliciano

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