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Hope, really, I’m damn wrong!



“70 years are given to us! Some even live to 80. But even the best years are filled with pain and trouble; soon they disappear, and we fly away.”( Psalm 90-10)

(Words of enlightenment)

THIS means that man has only 3 scores plus 10 to live in this physical world. More than the 70 years of our aging in this world—meaning if we can live more than the 70- year life span given us by God, those are but bonus years for all of us living more than those years we manage to live on. But, ultimately, we’ll all go back to the dust one day( for from the dust we came unto dust we’ll return). Because, we are not in control of our life at all, as we’ll all return to the One who controls all our lives here on the earth—GOD( OUR CREATOR)! Our living soul will return to HIM, after our death in this physical world, and will make a full account of its life here on the earth to his Creator who is the giver of all life here in this physical world that we’re right now in. The Book of works and the Book of Life will be opened, finally in Heaven. And, this will determine as to where our final destination will be for all eternity—either it’ll be in Heaven or in Hell. If our name can’t be found in the Book of Life, then Hell is where our soul will spend for all eternity. If our name will be found in there( Book of Life) then, life for all Eternity is well prepared for us all who obey perfectly well his Will here on the earth, that’s Eternal Glory in Heaven. Email:


HAZING is one major issue that hounds our authorities these days. Hazing has been there ever since in most schools. Amid what happened to one student that died in the hands of those companions of his who are said members of one top fraternity existing in the country, and very much actively working in Metro Manila, hazing is now being talked much about by our law makers, lest deaths will even mount amongst those fresh recruits aiming that hard to be part of their respective frats’ strong brotherhood & camaraderie.

I WASN’T spared from such dangerous orientation for those grownups in the past years. BUT, because they knew I was with the media then in the yet 70’s, the hazing that I undertook was just very light, I could still reminisce. But to others, hazing then in our era those days, were already very severe. And, to prove that, indeed, it was, there were  already accounts of deaths being reported. That’s how tough hazing is, really. IF you can’t take, then don’t ever try it, for your own sake, boy.


I told you so, that this wave of gun-assaults are here to stay— unless we do something tough really.

LAST Friday night, a young businessman was shot to death by a yet unidentified lone gunman( believed to be a hired gun). His name Rey Angelo Tan y Kwan, only 25 years old, was reportedly tending to his store along Guiwan Hi-way when nay any provocation, this lone gunman who remains scot-free up to now, just pumped several bullets into the young man’s body and ‘nonchalantly’ walked away passing Cabato Rd, Brgy. Tetuan, that easy. This Rey Angelo is said a scion of the Kwan family that owns their business for so long in mi ciudad de Zamboanga. One of the business stores owned by them, accordingly, is that situated near San Bernardino Bridge on MCLL Highway, Brgy. Guiwan, named Moto RT distributor of Spyder motors where the bloody murder of Kwan occurred.


ANOTHER horrid incident that happened over the weekend was the gun-slaying of Prince Bayabos y Tiam-Wat 32 at Enriquez Drive, Brgy. Tetuan last Saturday afternoon.  He was a vital witness in the infamous Hablo kidnapping case in 2009 when a striking rescue team of the ZCPO led personally by its then police director( now ret.) police general Mario Yanga, stormed the KFR hideout near the vicinity of Wesmincom, Camp Navarro in Brgy. (Upper) Calarian this city.

BAYABOS was shot to death by two-motorcycle riding-in-tandem suspects who managed to escape from the crime scene as fast as they could on board their getaway motorbike, before the police could ever get them.

 NOW, many are of the suspicion that the Hablo case could be possibly dismissed in the absence of any vital witnesses at all, as Bayabos is one very essential star witness in this kidnapping for ransom incident wherein a top lawyer and at-least 2 cops were seriously implicated.

WITH Bayabos and another one who was earlier reportedly killed, as well, as no longer there to serve as its vital witnesses to the case, those detained suspects might just secure back their freedom again even sooner than we ever expect.

THAT’s the way it is. If they have the means, they can get what they want really. This is the culture of unresolved violence going on and recurring even day out and day inright in our own place—once upon-a-time peaceful & quiet, known by then simply as City of Flowers, until those leaders of ours changed it into many brands that only suit to their own liking.

 AND, this, as scores of our sectors sadly suspect, could be amongst the ‘hexes’ stalking our city, right now.  

UNLESS, we get tough and serious on all of them( criminals), nothing can ever stop them from committing all these heinous crimes in mi ciudad de Zamboanga with impunity at all. Nothing at all, I tell you! Hope, really, I’m damn wrong!@

By: Jun Feliciano

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