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Many opt Cong. Celso to stay put in Congress



“THE devil took him to the peak of a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory, “I’ll give it all to you, he said, if you’ll kneel down and worship me.” Get out of here Satan, Jesus told him. For the Scriptures say, you must worship the Lord your God and serve only him.” (Matthew 4: 8-10)

(Words of enlightenment)

THIS is to let us all know that the righteous will always triumph over the wicked.

 SATAN attempted OUR Lord Jesus Christ to entice him and to entrap him unto committing sin, but to no avail at all.  Satan tried to lure Jesus three times into temptations, but the 3rd and last was the most daring and bold of the thre three. When the Lord felt weakness in his physical being while on 40 days and 40 nights fasting, the devil tried to take advantage of his very frail condition as he was extremely hungry and thirsty. But, to the devil’s own sheer disappointment, he just vanished from the sight of our Lord Jesus and never ever tried to tempt him again.

 This passage in the Scriptures reveals us, as well, that the devil can pour out his blessings, too. When he tempted Jesus that he’d offer all his kingdoms and his glory in this physical world of ours, the devil indeed owns this world of ours, without our knowing it. It’s the devil under whose spell we are easily prone to commit sin in our lives.And, that, for sure, we can’t deny at all, cos people are easily tempted to be more in the flesh, in the material and in the physical rather than being in the Spiritual where God reigns forever and for all eternity.


IT looks like there’s this ongoing campaign by a yet to be known honest-to-goodness movement, for our very well known workaholic (Dist. 1) Cong. Celso Lobregat to valiantly stay there in Congress where he can better serve his constituents here in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

IF that’s indeed so, then I’m for it— for him to remain in Congress (100%).

THEN let our lady Mayor BENG Climaco-Salazar do her many home-works in here until she completes her arduous job to cleanse ZC of all the mess still unresolved up to now that reallybeleaguersour city virtually nonstop, unless we all unite and help get rid of all these unwarranted burdens gripping and creeping yet in mi ciudad de Zamboanga up to this day.

GIVE her the needed break to prove wrong all those cynical and inimical to her administration. And, perhaps, if given the latitude to prove otherwise, she’ll even have the last laugh on them all.


If that’s the setup, then we salute our magnanimous city solon from district 1.

He’s such a rare gem, after all— fighting for the cause of all of us, wanting to be left alone, as always, as far any crafted plan to form a self-rule government like what’s now known as the existing Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao(ARMM) that’s just within our proximity, geographically speaking( here in Southern Philippines), is concerned.

Cong. Lobregat is right after all, the way he elucidated all of us when he spoke before our August Body in the city council last July 1,about the possible grave repercussions that’ll result from this yet ‘ very contentious’ issue with regards to the proposed Bangsa Moro juridical entity to be set up here in Mindanao.

CONG. Lobregat is superb and exceptionally knowledgeable on this one fastidious issue that he even fought his way to be able to speak before the magistrates in the Supreme Court when this (very same or say, identical) issue nearly caught us all flatfooted for it was on the verge of being signed and forged formally between our very own GRP and the MILF panels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia sometime in 2008.

BUT, because of our being consistently extra-vigilant with all our local officials fighting tooth & nail to stop its implementation, the Supreme Court(SC) even pronounced iteventually, as glaringly unconstitutional.

BUT, here it comes once again—persistently stalking us for the nth time—the reason why Cong. Celso is vigorously raising his voice anew even simply if in the wilderness, to trumpet aloud its supposed serious repercussions. Great job Cong! You really deserve to bring that voice of yours in Congress to let them realize the truth behind what you’re trying to bring across that message to all your comrades in the Lower House.

Thanks in advance to our own very well discerning local leaders in here— the likes of (Dist. 2)Congresswoman Lilia M. Nuño, the ever lovable lady Mayor Beng and all the rest of our local leaders, aside from  Cong. Celso, for their “early- warning” postures, on this yet paradoxical issue to so many in here in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

AFTERALL, we( all Mindanaoans) are having one common dream & aspiration for Mindanao to finally take off with its aim towards peace, progress and prosperity — that’s to one day find a genuine formula for a lasting peace to ultimately reign in our midst, irrespective of our differences in our beliefs, creeds, cultures, customs & traditions. After all, we’re all Filipinos, having one brown race in our blood and vein. So, it doesn’t make any difference at all, right? So, why keep on fighting one another, huh? It doesn’t make sense at all, right again?

“Ese el real!” c Bogs derecho ya salta lleno de alegria. Embes de kritika cunestos, este tiempo c Bogs ta alaba gayot cunestos mga liders aton ki.

“C ase sila bueno para dele ciudad, pues aprecia kta y dale kta credito kanila,” c Ador  ya segunda alaba cunestos.

“”Pues c ansina, gana’ ya mi gallo,” c Nado el de monte, dol ta toncha man gayot nuay na lugar. Hoy, Nado serioso el cuento ki, por pabor sirit anay!

Ese pa!@

By: Jun Feliciano

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