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WHO now owns Palmeiras?



“For without faith, it is impossible to please God: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is the one.” ( Hebrews 11: 6)

(Words of Enlightenment)

FAITH is the language of God. It’s by which we can have our relationship with Him that we need to enter so as we can verily communicate with him. And, it’s through faith that God is well pleased with us. The greatest honor that we can offer to God, and please Him is when we believe in Him, though we don’t really understand Him. Don’t try to understand God, because our carnal mind can never ever fathom God in there, just believe and that’s Faith. Email:


THE need to first consult with those in the know about those existing (right now) in place the delineated boundaries of all the 98 barangays of our city, should first be respected. This should be done, lest any new topographical survey reportedly up to conduct them could trigger mass protests from all these different barangay officials out to strongly oppose, for sure, such a possible questionable mechanism or methodology applied in there by these surveyors not really from this place of ours.

LAST Tuesday(July 8), during the council’s regular session where they brought the matter to help it resolve, the confrontation right there and there, between a large number of barangay officials from our various barangays flocked to the council and showed their early utter disgust over this survey thing that just came out as their given authority from the one top national gov’t agency, the DENR.

THIS Habiling survey group from Ifugao, Luzon was there in the council, and they needed be there to better accede to the council’s passed and approved resolution for them to respect the majority if not all the wishes of those barangay officials present—for the existing arrangements, or remain on status quo, for the time being, until and unless a dialogue first be conducted to pave the way for a more agreeable (arrangement), “because it’s yet very contentious if the survey will right away be done,” contended Dist. 1 Councilor Charlie Mariano.

Tupao tamen, because, the way they raised their respective strong arguments( those various barangay officials), it indeed appears they are really out to vehemently stop any new survey that might not be to their liking in coming up with new demarcations in their mostly known disputed boundaries.

Mas bueno gane’ kel man dialogue anay.

THIS survey team from the outside region is mandated to complete their survey the soonest possible time. What I heard and even said so, that they intend to finish all their survey works by the month of October this year.

“Na, de apurada gale’ se. Di quien ba gayot gustu se ha?” c Bogs dol tiene man su suspecho se.

“Baca akellos caha’ kien tan contra cunel creation del distrito 3 para na congreso?”aba c Ador ya suspecha man de ansina?

“Alla canamon, por pabor c ase sila survey, no gayot trompesa na boundary amon lla, cay manada voto mi idol lla,” acaba ya kta cuneste c Nado, bien sabiondo gayooot bos siempre Nadoo!


THE alleged brain in the bloody gun-assault of Rey Kwan y Tan, the 24-yr. old biz-man who was shot dead right in his own business store in Guiwan highway on Friday night, was reportedly arrested. He was immediately identified on local televisions in here, as Manny Pimping, a top employee of our LTO-9 office in ZC.

THE police supposedly took vital infos from certain eye-witness/s who saw the actual shooting of the young Tan that very fateful night of the cold-blooded murder— only one of the many in another breakout of gun shooting incidents in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

Accordingly, the dying victim yet managed to give the name of his supposed own killer, before he breathed his last in the hospital where he was rushed that night.

The suspect, is now in the hands of our police in here, and is said under continuous interrogation, albeit what we gathered, he denied having anything to do with it.

This Pimping is said one of the most trusted key staff of LTO- 9 here, as even vouched by its regional director Atty.  Aminola Abaton. But, the good director is saying, as well, that as far as Pimping’s other activities that he ain’t privy at all, he’s  definitely hands off in there.

SO, let the wheels of justice operate darn well for the sake of fairness and justice to all – the aggrieved and the accused parties in this case.


I WAS one day in the company of my batch-mates in preparation for our forthcoming golden jubilee( aba golden ya gale’ ste!) by either October or December this year, and while we were having our sumptuous launch, cay sabroso gayot ila mga potahe lli, I met a very close friend of mine, retired from politics already.

“Jun, guess as who’s the owner of this Palmeras restaurant?”

I said: ‘Siempre, the Alvarezez, mga relatives del antes Mayor Cesar Climaco.”

“No longer, Jun, somebody now owns it, though just their kin.”

“Kien man?”

Then he murmured me in my very ears to reveal the new owner now.

“Ha? Really?”

Quien man daww?

“Aba, Nuevo man se intriga?” c Bogs dol excited man gayot cuneste nuevo intriga ba o verdad.

Ay amboot!@

By: Jun Feliciano

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