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“NOT everyone that saith Lord, Lord shall be enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 7:21)

(Words of enlightenment)

THERE are so many from both the religions and the denominations believing that they’re that saved to enter the kingdom of our Lord Almighty in Heaven. Yet, in the end, they find themselves utterly disappointed on Judgment Day, when God says bluntly to them:  “I don’t know you, depart from me, you who do iniquities.”

WHO then are saved and can enter the kingdom of our lord God Almighty? Only, but only those who obey his Will for Obedience to God’s will is the only basis for us all mankind to be able to enter the kingdom of God who’s in Heaven. Email:


DIST. 2 Cong. Lilia Macrohon Nuño doesn’t really mind all those innuendoes & the buzzes about not being there to likewise listen to what her counterpart (Dist. 1) Cong. Celso Lobregat would want to supposedly shed light about the real truth behind this yet very contentious proposal of the MILF to establish its own Bangsa Moro self-rule in Mindanao.

CELSO, according to its own survey, drew praises, and all that for his well-done dialogue he had just recently with the cross sectors of our society in here held at the Sanggunian Panlungsod (last July 1).

BUT there are others, as well, who were simply turned off by Lobregat’s supposed own showboating stance this early, notwithstanding elections is yet too far to even try such an antic.

YES, that’s the truth, cos you can’t please everyone, right?


NOW, on Tuesday(July 8), after the council’s regular session, Dist. 1 Councilor Charlie Mariano—the proponent of the council move to invite Cong. Lobregat to ‘lecture’ them on such issue)— sounding unbiased, would want, as well, our Congresswoman Lilia to have her own dialogue too, that truly manifests her position on this particular issue.

“We also would really want to hear from our good congresswoman Lilia Nuño, her position on the proposed Bangsa Moro issue. It’s her privilege to do so,” Mariano pointed out.

I HEARD from Nuño’s camp that the prolific lady solon from the east-coast, representing the bigger district 2 in mi ciudad de Zamboanga, will definitely hold her own dialogue with all the constituents in here, to better enlighten us, as well, the pros & cons of this peace initiative  stemmed from Pres. Noynoy himself in a bid to ultimately end the more than 4 decades of bloody conflicts carried out by the moro insurgents fighting for their so-called ‘domain’ they claim as theirs ever since here in Southern Philippines.

CONG. Nuño, if we may recall, is for us to give peace a chance to reign in our own region. AND, to let her expound her views on this, why not give her the privilege too, to dialogue us, as well, on this yet very perplexed and confounded subject matter?

AFTER ALL, the council, either advertently or inadvertently, failed to include her in their own resolution( to let her ‘lecture’ them too) that its majority bloc passed and eventually approved for the district 1 city solon to appear cbefore them and do his lecturing on them that lengthily during their plenary session last July 1.

EVEN though, the majority in here( about 90%) are known as strongly opposed, as always— no matter how many times they hold us all these plebiscites and/or referendums in their supposed last-ditch effort to include us in its newly-crafted self-rule state or any kind of autonomy, after the supposed failure of the ( still existing) ARMM since its creation almost 20 years ago( l997 to be exact, if I’m not mistaken), yet we can’t deny the fact, that whatever types of of major conflicts that break out there, ZC has been vulnerably, in so many ways, adversely affected.

AND so, let’s listen to the experts as really what’s the best antidote to honestly & sincerely put an end to all these   bloody rows & disputes unjustifiably killing us among ourselves. What an unwarranted waste of Filipino lives here in our own region!

SO, it’s now up to us really, if we indeed are yearning that sincerely— the very elusive peace, that all of us Mindanaoans, and for that matter, all Filipinos in the entire nation, have been seeking and searching for centuries, to finally dawn on us all. And, this can only be done really, if we truthfully include in our lives, most importantly, our Lord Almighty. For, God feels so much neglected these days. And if we can find ourselves verily enlightened by what He commands us all—that is, “Love one another, so that the world may know that you are all my disciples.”

IF only all of us will heed to his 2 greatest commandments as taught us by our Lord Jesus Christ, surely and absolutely, peace will ultimately reign in this world of ours: “Love God with all our heart, with all our mind, with all our strength and with all our soul and spirit; 2) Love your neighbor as you love yourself. And then, our Lord went further; “Love your enemy. Don’t hate them, instead pray for them so they may all be enlightened and blessed by our Lord Almighty” God wants us to know that he’s the One that orchestrates all our lives here in this world. So, don’t worry, because God even knows all our tomorrows.

Thanks for lending your ears  to this very relevant message in these days. God bless us all.@

By: Jun Feliciano

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