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Many prefer to address Celso as..



“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.” (John 1: 1; 1: 14)

(Words of enlightenment) 

THIS is the true character and nature of Jesus Christ. He is not only a man but God, as well—meaning Jesus Christ as revealed in the Scriptures assumed two natures: Human and Divine. Human, because his mother Mary is a human being, and God, because his father is of the Holy Spirit (the Word made unto flesh that dwelt amongst us more than 2,000 years ago. No doubt, that he’s really a man— but not a man only. Because, his father is God, when that Holy Spirit implanted its seed unto the womb of Mary. Not Joseph— the known foster father of Jesus. Joseph even tried to separate from Mary when he discovered Mary( before they could be married) was heavy with a child. But, an Angel appeared in his dream and revealed him the truth, and even commanded him to take the child and Mary with him because the child that Mary was having was of the Holy Spirit. Email:


HOW do you prefer our Dist. 2 Congressman Celso Lobregat be addressed? Cong. Or Mayor?

WHEN I did my own random survey around, especially amongst some familiar folks—out of 10 (in ratio), 7 claimed they always mistook Cong. Celso as mayor when addressing him. And, only 3 of such a ratio, said they are now used to address him as simply Cong.


“Dol, ta mira man gat yo bosing,” na c Bogs ta principia ya tamen su matabi’ boca.


BUT, another group is somewhat perturbed and really bothered. “JUN, cun kien ba gaha’ kita pone paka mayor diaton na 2016? Cay dol nuay  man gayot kta pag-asa cunel diaton mga lideras aura ki?”  

Ese pa! 


I CAME across one recent article the other day, and it showed us how Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte stepped up his own unique way in approaching the supposed going volatile peace & order condition of his own city out there. That, even Pres. Noynoy Aquino III warned him earlier of such a potent threat brewing out there in his own turf here in Mindanao.

AND, Duturte, somehow, has been able to wilt and sag its supposed potential threat gradually to its easily manageable level—in a very peaceful manner.

THOSE reported threats right in Davao City are said as similar to ours right in here in our very own city. “In-fact, we’re more vulnerable here to this very same threat because of our more confounded situation, with all these mess-ups that we have right now, especially our yet unresolved evacuation problems, and all these other woes skulking us right now,” one top concerned citizen here revealed.

I REALLY don’t want to look biased at all, but these talks that our city officialdom has greatly flopped and even committed serious blunder in its approach to dealing peace problems in our city, sound what’s becoming as rally the plain truth that we can’t debate at all anymore, cos they’re right there, rearing its ugly head right under our very noses.

“IF only we approached it with more wisdom, knowledge and understanding, this problem that we’re having right now, would not have blown out of such an immensity that we’re all right now experiencing,” one (apolitical) group here  expressed its utter dismay.

Na, por pabor, no gayot man pikon lli. They have the right to make such strongly worded comments, as they’re stakeholders, as well— paying their taxes even more religiously than most of us in here, and that’s their right to do so. Hinde’ kta se taman  huya’?

IF we can’t take it in good sport, and don’t want be bothered at all, I beg you to just never, ever be in politics at all, anymore. For our own sake in here. Cay, dol dwele deberasan—para cunaquellos dol ta tupa gayot. But for those in their very own good conscience, can very well stand up and even face the world with their heads up high, why be afraid, huh?

 THIS is just to enlighten us all, that, perhaps, to make us face the truth, in the end, that we can’t do it alone sans considering all other stakeholders , as well, in making this city stand up to its own feet, and be great again like in those past glorious days that we have been dreaming of to dawn upon us, once gain— for the sake of our children and their children & children to come next. Thanks, for lending your ears, one more time. AFTER all, undeniably, there are yet a lot of us( well-meaning sectors in here) so much supportive of you. That, you can count on us. Yes! @

By: Jun Feliciano

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