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KAP accused for malversation of funds?



“ If you reject criticisms, you only harm yourself; but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding.” (Proverbs 15:32)

(Words of enlightenment)

THIS is bull’s eye on strike at those who are easily pissed off, and politicians are no exemption at all.

VERY well said & done! The Scriptures itself— hailed  by all believers of Christ as nothing but the only Way, the Truth and the Life, will bear us out on this one verse that truly serves a wakeup call to all those very much alluded by it. 

SUCH a passage in the Bible is so lamentably and blatantly violated—hence, for those violators ( sinners), undeniably, they  appear so wretched, so poor and so naked in the sight of God( spiritually).

THERE are so many of them, very allergic and easily peeved when under media’s constant blitz.


IT was rather filled with much asking about the city’s peace & order woes in here. It appeared the local media tried to grill our city police acting director S/Supt. Angelito Casimiro when City Hall press briefing that comes every (late) Monday morning, and came its most recent last July 28( a Monday, of-course).

NOW, came my turn to inquire our lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar when well acknowledged by the ever known petit but, up to now, remains ever so charming Ms. Sheila( nee Enriquez) Covarrubias—that tough mujer, City Hall’s top reyna in its PIO outfit up to now, since ‘pirated’ from DXMR Radyo ng Bayan by City Hall some years back.

“Mayor Beng, your reaction to certain quarters why you and Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat had your own separate PagBUKAHs  held on same day and on same time at 5pm last Wednesday(July 23)?”

WITH her glowing smile, as ever, the lady mayor managed to pitch in her well-answered statement to the press.

NOT exactly word for word, but to our knowledge, Mayor Beng was saying that that the people in here, during that particular event, even had their choices the more as to which PagBUKAH they’d wish to attend and to spend with: her PagBukah? or that of Cong. Celso?

“The more, the merrier,” she elaborated further, while insisting that both she and Cong. Celso remain as united as ever, as if to dispel all the anti-talks pitting each other for (2016) crucial mayoralty tipoff.

“I don’t want to talk politics, as of yet, as both of us are more focused on our respective works,” the lady in light blue that day, entreated.

“Jun, akel era yo question quiere pregunta cun Mayor Beng. Yan una lang gayot tu cumigo,” rued Hermie V. when the press-con was over.

SEE? Politics undeniably, is always the flavor of the month for the local media in here.

Now, who says such a query is pretty vicious, huh?

“Contodo kamo nuevo palang na media, y aura bien sabiondo ya gat kamo ta keda,” na rabiao ya tamen c Bogs.

“Tiene lli tampa sabe gayot. Combiene cunesos!” na c Ador ya segunda.

“Deberas se, tiene lli, ya puede lang aga’ra cunel micropono, announcer ya dao le. Tiene tamen lli, ni nusabe iscribi, news reporter ya dao le,” na c Bogs ya ripica pa gayot.

Ese pa!


I WAS in one law office just very recently, when I heard a group of young people complaining against their own barangay captain for a supposed malversation of funds.

ONE lawyer attested to the fact that about 20 of these youngsters were hired to work in that one barangay in here, and that they all denied what appeared in the supposed vouchers having received the amounts, as stated. They claimed that their signatures appearing in those vouchers were grossly forged.

That barangay chieftain in question is said the subject of such raps to be filed in the ombudsman.

“If he’ll be charged of such a crime with the supposed amounts being malversed exceeding half a million pesos, then he won’t be able to avail any bail at all, for his temporary liberty,” averred the lawyer.

Ese pa!

THE barangay captain concerned should better come out in the open and clear his name.

“He used to be my idol, but no longer, as he’s involved pala in this kind of anomaly,” the lawyer lamented.

“Na, kemanera man se, Kap, dol claro man gayot el mga evidencia contra cun kap, ha?” c Bogs ya sale desmayao.

“Contesta Kap!” c Nado el de monte, tamanda constesta cun Kap.

“Hustu se, para aclara su nombre,” c Ador ya entra mete tamen.

Ay sabe man kta se, if true or a mere ploy just to destroy his supposed clean image.

Let’s see what’ll probably happen next. Abangann!@

By: Jun Feliciano

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