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My Dachshund dog survived


A few nights ago,  our pet dog,  a one-year old  Dachshund called “NJ”  suddenly got missing  after he jumped out of our moving  pickup  and in heavy traffic. We quickly parked by the roadside and searched for him  under a heavy rain. As I ran at the sidewalk frantically beaming my flashlight at dark objects or heaps   lying on the street,  I got this strange feeling of denial, that those silhouettes could not be “NJ”. The fear of seeing him dead after being ran over by traffic  trailing  us kept bothering me as I repeatedly called out his name. We named him NJ, which is short for “Ngekngek Junior” when his father “Ngekngek”    died after being ran over by a bus in a highway in our hometown in Davao del Sur sometime ago. It took me awhile to get over that loss  because I somehow blamed myself for that accident. I left   to  buy items from the “palengke” not knowing that  ”Ngekngek” made a dash to follow me when he noticed I left without taking him along. He was a pile of smashed bloody flesh and bones when I picked him up from the road.  To quickly get over that violent loss, I got  NJ, who was his exact replica. Now, I dread the same thought of a repeat.

HE SURVIVED — After an hour of search and almost a kilometer of half-running with a flashlight,  I almost gave him up for good after  I was told that  traffic following us was heavy and fast. I just wanted to collect what’s left of him, if any, I consoled myself. I searched the canals, the bushes, the culverts along the way. I called his name but no NJ.  As I was about to return back to the vehicle despondent, my flashlight spotted an approaching a familiar figure emerging  from the banana groves, the doggone NJ  shivering with tail wagging coming out of the shadows! He literally jumped into my arms and just clung there tight until we reached home. If only I could read his eyes, I knew he would tell me:” I knew you would come for me. But what took you so long!” ( ahahaha! ) Except for a slight open wound at the back of his leg, NJ was otherwise okay.

MY DOGS — Truthfully, I’ve never been that close before to “NJ” or to our  other pet dogs   simply because I was always out  due to my governent  work before. It was only over the last few years that I was physically around for them ( and of course for the family!)     I had “Maxi” and “CJ” ( named after Chief Justice), both furry SHITZUs   but they both passed. Then I have in the farm and in the resorts,  lovable Labradors  ”J-LO”  after my fav Jennifer Lopez, and “OSANG” after Rosanna Ortiz;  a red-colored Doberman “BOUNCE” was ceded to me to watch the mango farm in the south after my daughter SUGAR  and hubby TONTON ESCORA  thought it would be too risky to keep him in the yard with a growing almost 2-year old daughter, pretty AINA romping around.  Another black Doberman “BLACKY” keeps watch at our farm residence in the south. I remember while I was  a practising lawyer, I had a big German Shepherd named “ TIGER”. He died of old age. I read somewhere that one ( 1) year our time is equivalent to seven ( 7 ) years of dog time. True?

PETS GO MALLING, TOO —Talking about pet lovers,  I had a pleasant  surprise when I just met a long-time family friend, MS. ERLIN BONIFACIO BASA, a retired  BPI top executive at the SM City mall at Ecoland with a lady friend, a former  MS. SOTTO both pushing each a stroller-carriage. I thought  they had toddlers to “pasyal” in the mall only to find out that they were “malling” with their pet cat and dog. I was fascinated watching them push their strollers and some bystanders wondering what those teeny weeny carriages contained.

BURIAL SERVICES — When my story on “NJ” was posted on Facebook, it went viral. One friend, CA Justice LEAH ARMAMENTO who was with me doing the peace process years ago, posted that  she  also had a pet dog which was interred with  some special burial services  for pets,  ala memorial park. It costs P5,000 for the services. What is good is that we can keep them in our own backyards to cherish. Interesting! Then I saw an FB video where a dog who was missing for 2 years ( that’s equal to 14 years dog life) was so deliriously  thrilled and overjoyed in the reunion with the lady owner named Rebecca  that the pet collapsed and fainted but was eventually revived. Touching!

MASS KILLING — The bad news. I read an article that in Bali, Indonesia, a government health agency is “culling” all dogs that have no claimed owners or stray dogs ( “askals” for us ) to help prevent spread of the deadly rabies virus. In one video clip, they did  lethal injection to about 300 helpless pets, mostly of imported breed. You could see the quick and short body jerks and spasms then they died in heaps. There is now a protest movement to stop this practice.  Distressing!

PETS DON’T TALK BACK — One  friend  tells  me pets are refreshing additions to his day to day life. His children already have left. But  his favorite dog is still around. When the kids were still around, he experienced bad vides when children answered back or grouched or reacted to him. But his pet was just around , patiently absorbing scoldings and not reacting at all. Of course, they don’t answer back. No wonder they are priceless.

ROMANCING PETS  —  So, let’s romance our pets. They are lovable. And   let’s  support the  DAP movement that I am organizing. No, not the notorious, unconstitutional DAP of the Aquino government. It’s DOGS AS PETS movement for dog lovers, DAP for short!   Anyone interested? (

By Jess Dureza

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