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Tigbalabag ‘snake’ road in danger of collapse



“Verily, verily I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Nicodemus saith unto him, “How can a man be born when he’s old? Can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born again?” Jesus answered, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.” (John 3: 3- 5)

(Words of enlightenment)

BECAUSE of his being so physical, Nicodemus was shocked to hear in this manner from the Lord Jesus Christ. He thought Jesus was foolish to tell him about being born again. But, Jesus was telling him it has to happen (spiritually) to mankind so mankind can be saved. Humanity has to go through such spiritual birth so we can earn eternal salvation. We need to be born again in the spirit and not in the flesh, as we can only be born in the flesh once in a life time. So, Jesus was trying to stress to Nicodemus that except a man be born again of water(as it symbolizes cleansing) and of the spirit( as God is a spirit), he cannot enter the kingdom of God. By merely seeing the kingdom of God, doesn’t mean man is already saved. We really need to enter the kingdom of God, to totally be saved from sin. Email:


THERE’s truly an urgency in what we need to do with this Tigbalabag road( the snake-like road) in the east-coast going to other parts of Mindanao passing first through our neighbor province of Sibugay.

AND, this is exactly what’s Dist. 2 Congresswoman Lilia M. Nuño is doing right now.

THE council, through the effort of Dist. 2 Councilor Juan Climaco “Kim” Elago II, passed its resolution during its last session, approving its supposed urgency. Cong. Nuño is now working with the DPWH regional office in here, recommending about its urgency to its central office in Metro Manila so that when the national budget for 2015 will be approved, she’ll make it darn sure, its proposed budget of about half a billion pesos or even more be approved for its immediate implementation.

“There’s really a need to already construct its by-pass road, as there’s no other alternate road to speak of. If there’ll be massive landslides there, our economic activities will be completely cut off,” Nuño expressed grave concern, saying that Tigbalagab road, according to the geo-mine experts, is on the brink of collapse if and when great disasters like quakes, landslides  or even just continuous rains that can cause massive erosions, ravage the said area.

“THERE’s already a thorough study made, and that the needed by-pass road be opened within those areas in the barangays of Sibulao, Vitali and Tagasilay. This is according to our concerned agencies like the geo-mines (office),” the motherly city solon added.

“You know, we still depend our food supplies like rice from the other cities and provinces of Mindanao, and therefore, there’s a need to already address it,” the motherly congresswoman expressed concern.

SHE said our rice supply mostly comes from Sibugay like Titay, Pagadian, and even as far as Cotabato. And, likewise, we cannot bring our supplies here to other parts of the region or to other regions of the entire Mindanao, like the bunker fuel, Coca-cola, fish products and others that they don’t have in their own places. So, the need to build an alternate by-pass road is very urgent.”

CONG. Nuño is strongly confident that this gargantuan project can be realized fast, “ because the President wants projects now be implemented within the one-year time frame. “No more to speak about SARO(through DBM). It’ll directly go the department/s concerned for its fast implementation to be realized within the year,” the lady city solon from district 2 informed.

THE tireless congresswoman returned back to Manila  yesterday(Sunday) to be amongst her peers in the Lower House closely monitoring all budget hearings for each department thoroughly discussing their supposed needed budgets for year 2015.

“If you won’t be personally present there (in all those budget hearings), you might miss those salient budget matters they’re discussing. We need to be there, so that we wont’ be left behind what are the budget priorities (for all the LGUs across the country), especially in our respective districts,” Cong. Lilia underlined.

Na, algunus talla tamen dao? Baca’ busy gat ki para na 2016 ya?” c Bogs ta gruñi ya tamen.

“Hoy Bogs, ta atende tamen se c Cong. Celso, pensaba gaha’ bos!” yan pikon man c Nado, maski de alla, alla lang ste, sabe man tamen de pulitika.

“Puede ya anay,” yan saway canila c Ador.


THE ZCWD is indeed strenuous in its continuous massive rehab projects. AND, what we know of, is that they have found the supposed glary defect that hampers the flow of potable water in the wide area of Zone 2, and that they’re working right now on its spotted portion where the supposed defect is down there underneath where vintage pipelines have to be completely overhauled and replace them with new pipe connections like those in other huge areas, within city proper.

“We already located the defect, and we’re working into it,” revealed Ding Camba, one of ZCWD’s top personnel when I happened to meet him over the weekend.

Good, cay tan lisud gayot mga vivientes de Zone 2, as its water pressure is just too low.

NOW, another ZCWD top brass who just doesn’t’ want to be named, disclosed: “You know, Jun, our best city mayor/s so far, should be categorized in what class they’re best assessed: like infrastructure—I think, credit should be given to the late Mayor Vitaliano Agan. He has just no equal in this aspect. He built many major infra projects, like the additional road construction of the Nuñez Exenstion; the massive lighting facilities that we can see now in our city; the construction of the modern sports complex which unfortunately is now in complete ruin, because of our city’s need also to make it its major evacuation center for our poor evacuees( due to the Sept “Zamboanga City Siege” in 2013); the city coliseum and many others;

IN terms of peace & order, I believe there’s none there, as of yet, to beat the late Mayor Cesar C. Climaco. He did all his best to improve it, as he personally risked his own life for our sake here; then. I would say, then Mayor and now Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat also did many things for our city. His mother, the late Mayor Caling Lobregat is also unmatched as far as her generosity is concerned. She’s just very generous and very kind to her constituents.”

HOW about our present Mayor Maria Isabelle “Beng’ Climaco-Salzar?

He pondered long and finally said: ‘Beng needs to have really her political will, and not to just be under the shadow of Celso Lobregat). She’s still being perceived by many as simply following Celso’s wishes. I won’t be surprised, if they’ll just swap come 2016 elections. She’ll run again in district 1 for Congress to give way to Celso to run for mayor again.”

UNLESS and until she is that unyielding this time, we can never have any a repeat of a dream match,” he rued.

REMEMBER, in the l980’s the late legendary Mayor Cesar beat badly the late Madame Caling Lobregat for the Batasan Pambansa then. But, the Lobregats came back when Mam Caling humbled ÑOR Sar’s own son the late Rini Climaco for the lone congressional district then in the late 80’s elections.

AND, our folks in here are raring to see its third and most decisive political faceoff- the Beng- Celso mayoralty “dream match.”

Aba’bunito ste bosing!” c Bogs alegre gayot basta deste clase issue.

Quiere ya gat le sabe si quien gayot di-ila.

Epsera bos, ebos gayott, bien intrigero gat boss!

Ese pa!@

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