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Our nomads should even be protected



“Let God’s curse fall on anyone, including us or even an angel from heaven who preaches a different kind of good news than the one we preached to you. If anyone preaches any other good news than the one you welcomed, let that person be accursed.” (Galatians 1: 8-9)

(Words of Enlightenment)

THIS serves as a sever warning to all those from any religion and/or denomination preaching just the opposite of what’s being taught in the Scriptures. Our Lord Jesus Christ underscored the severe consequence/s that’ll result to all those— including even angels or others claiming as messengers of God, if they bring in their good news just to deceive the people of God. It’s a big curse to befall on them! Email: 

FISHERMEN in here are too darn afraid to go out fishing in our city’s coastlines for they’re vulnerable to kidnapping these days.

WHAT has just happened to one hapless fisherman named Bongbong Sabado of Brgy. Bolong who was reportedly seized last Wednesday (Aug. 6) by suspected pirates, and then after about 4 days, his lifeless body was found floating off the shoreline of its adjoining Bryg. Manicahan, absolutely rouse fears amongst our poor fishermen in here.

Donde paman sos ay anda para pesca? Talli pas sos mga grande, grande barco de pescada ta envadi ya ki canaton, y aura target sila destos mga pirata na mar. Asta donde pa suerte de-esos.

NOW, what do you think( if any) our city officials can do to help them( our many marginalized fishermen in here), huh?

Inutile clase de gubierno tiene kita ste mga tiempo!, despite, the gov’t’s much-ballyhooed claim, in even swaggering posture, of its might in AFP/PNP manpower with the bulk of their major forces deployed here in our region.


IT’s been almost a 1-year long—meaning staying out there in misery after they were forced to flee from their abodes when the heavily-armed MNLF-Misuari faction invaded the city in Sept. of last year(2013).

MOST of them are sea gypsies (badjaos) known, as always,  comfortably living in peace and in tranquility in their own ingenious lifestyle at sea, until compelled to seek refuge, on gov’t’s own strict directive, to supposedly keep them from harm’s way.

NOW, they have been in torments nay their fault at all.

THEIR death toll, as they’re continuously living in filthy sites and gravely crammed inside their designated evacuation sites, has reportedly soared to 150—many are said to be kids and their elders. And, it looks like it’ll climb the more, as they remain lodged in their sullied and highly polluted temporary shelters, waiting for our city gov’t to finally give its go-signal for their permanent transfer to their new dwellings especially built to suit their own way of life.

“In the first place, these people didn’t create the present social woes stalking our city. It’s just the other way around—meaning it’s us, our top officials in government causing more burdens to their already distraught living condition.

NOW, they have virtually no choice of their own at all, as they’re  obviously forced against their will to live in those ‘areas’ they even find strange to their own standard way of life.

Ke pobre stos mga hente, that even our history claims as the real inhabitants of ZC.

IN other countries, they make sure that their minorities are well protected by their laws. THEY truly follow this dictum: “Those who have less in life, must have more in law.”

“Aki’ na aton nation, otro diaton tratamiento canila.  Ta rebata pa kita el mga tiera destos. Poreso, canaton ki na Mindanao, ta llama land grabbers destos,” inchilao ya tamen c Bogs.

Tiene le rason.@

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