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(Letter to the Editor) A military base after Zamboanga siege


Dear Editor,

Residents of Zamboanga City like my family welcome the plan of the military to build a military base at the place where the Zamboanga crises occurred, and to lure prospective investors to help rebuild Zamboanga.  There was progress in Zamboanga before the incident happened and we really suffered the worst effects of the MNLF siege.

Of course we are still apprehensive but as the AFP Chief Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang said, the proposed base will secure coastal communities and allow authorities to inspect vessels that enters the area. 

With the presence of the military, the people will become more comfortable and feel safe. Many investors would now put their money in Zamboanga in different businesses, and help the people find jobs and improve their lives. 

There’s also the plan to place the Philippine Navy’s new helicopters here to strengthen territorial defenses.

We are looking forward to these changes in Zamboanga.  We are fortunate there were only 20 soldiers who sacrificed their lives in Zamboanga as against the death of 208 MNLF fighters who destroyed Zamboanga and our lives. Now more soldiers will keep watch and protect us.

We hope the military base will start its construction soon.  The new base also symbolizes military might against aggressors.

Maria Teresa Valdez - Trayvilla - Zamboanga City

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