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‘SECTOR’ urges Zamcelco to disclose rebid outcome



“SEEK ye the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” ( Matthew 6:33)

(Words of Enlightenment)

THIS is what we need to do before anything else, if we want to succeed in life.

FOR without first being in the Spirit, surely, we’re a failure, without our knowing it.

WHY? First and foremost, we’re dead in the sight of God, Spiritually.

AND, when without blessings from our Lord Almighty, it means lives for us are really in utter misery—physically, mentally, financially and most especially spiritually. When there’s no spirit of God in us, we’re totally doom to perdition, for sure— that means hell! 



HOW true is this ‘report’ that there’s this supposed failure of the rebid that Zamcelco conducted the month of July, as required by NEA, itself?

THE rebid, you must have known, came about after its initial bid to acquire the supposed need for the 16 modular gen-sets to help cushion off the adverse effect of the looming power crisis to grip the city to its worst, in the very near future, was met with a strong protest from certain quarters in here due to an alleged overprice issue in its first bidding.

ONE sector vowed to provide Pencing its documents to prove that there’s indeed a failure of its rebid.

Mira gane’ kita c deberasan ba.

“Our fears are that high as Zamcelco up to now can’t keep us updated as to what really has happened to the outcome of its rebid? The truth of the matter, based on our documents, there’s the need for another rebid, because its July rebid is supposedly rendered (anew) null & void,” the source averred.

NOW, let’s find out from Zamcelco’s top brass if indeed this sector in here is telling the truth, or just being a gossipmonger.

ZAMCELCO should better make its own rejoinder with regards to this supposed rebid debacle.

OR else, as they say, silence presages that there’s more to it than just wishy-washy. 

What’s your say GM George Ledesma?

“Contesta tamen Mr. GM! No lang manda con otros lli. Debe sale gayot cunele,” c Bogs ya cunsumi ya tamen.

“Pobre man se ila Presidente Omar Sahi, ele yalang pirmi, ese tamen GM dyostedes, cosa le miedo emprenta cunel media aura? Antes, bien quiere, quiere le namedia, pero aura tampa caro ya man gat le?” c Nado ya bombya tamen, maski de alla, alla lang ste, bueno tamen kritica, bala, bala man se ta pega. Aba, kien caha’ el brain deste?

“Cosa man ostedes quiere de sinta, sinta lang inyo GM lli? I’m a busy GM for our Zamcelco,” dol yaman quote man gayot ste c Ador cunel mismo GM George L? Troubleshooter gane’ gat ste c Ador.

Okyah, contesta ya se c GM Ledesma, unless he’s again very, very busy..


THIS is the outright reply on Wednesday(Aug. 13) from our LTO-9 Operations Chief Shan Amilahassan, to the supposed highhandedness as griped by a number of ‘violators’ apprehended due to their vehicles’ failure— either private or for-hire, of having equipped themselves with the ‘required’ EWD(Early Warning Device).

“We have to apprehend them, just the same, as we’re after their being highly compliant (in line with LTO’s strict road safety program),” Amilahassan strongly pointed out.

“It’s just having no seat-belt at all, therefore, there’s no exemption here— including the failure to carry with them this Early Warning Device. This EWD is very important whenever accidents happen. There’s really a need for all these running motor vehicles to be equipped with all the necessary accessories, including the EWD,” Amilahassan further emphasized.

CAUGHT sans any EWD means the equivalent  of a fine currently imposed in much higher penalty amounting to P5,000.


“El cosa duele bosing?’ c Bogs ta pregunta.

Siempre, el bolsa!

Ese pa!@

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