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Biz-men are dismayed!


“I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance; but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall batize you with the holy spsiritl and with fire.” (Matthew 3: 11)

(Words of Enlightenment)

IT was John the Baptist who was intensely preaching during those days about the salvation of man( in the spirit). AND so, he was telling them that his baptism of water to all of them to give them the leeway for repentance, wasn’t even at par at all with what someone after him would bring to mankind. He was telling about the coming of Jesus Christ as the Savior of the mankind in the End. And, that Christ, the begotten son of God, would baptize them with the Holy Spirit and with fire. When baptized in the spirit, man has to continuously be in the goodness of God, or else he’ll be cut off from God. And, it is through all trials and persecutions that man can be tested whether made of gold or just a hay, wood or stubble that just burn when going through the fire. Email:


I DON’T know but it’s a fact to so many in here, that our own city gov’t is making it that hard on its  so many citizens when transacting business in its governance with City Hall as its known nerve center, as always. 

THIS is the common complaints of many of our local folks in here, and it looks like City Hall, right now, doesn’t even bother to look into their own people’s resounding clear grumblings at all.

“Cay manada ta reclama ya, el pasil ta gayot dipisil canila. Why can’t they just simplify transactions in City Hall? Why m ake it and more burdensome to our own people already so much in trauma and in torment in this city everybody knows had gone through all the maladies just not so long ago?” chorused in utter disappointment  number of stakeholders holding their one forum just recently.

They are just so forlorn and desolate about business prospects in the city, considering its own city governance’s supposed hauteur. 

THIS is the appalling outlook of our own business community in here towards our city government, right now—unless we do something about it, lest we lose all the more, instead of moving forward in ujnity and in solidarity for the good of us all in here.

“This is the dismal observation coming from our own many disgruntled businessmen in here.

THE business sector is simply agog what to do next devoid of any of our city gov’t’s  needed support, albeit being heavily taxed nowadays. No wonder, based on latest survey, the Philippines has the highest tax rate at 32% compared to its other neighbor (ASEAN) countries like Thailand, Singapore and even Malaysia at a much lesser imposed tax rate. Singapore’s tax rate is only 2%, Malaysia  (11%) and Thailand sosmethingh like only 12%.

IF continuously being pushed to the  brink of desperation, as if just out to harass them, then many of our businessmen in here, will even be compelled to look for another suitable place where the business climate is more friendly and supportive of their even mere presence doing business in their area.

No wonder, every where we go in here, we find virtually everything upside down and utterly topsy-turvy.

Ampara yalang kanaton ki!@ 


THERE’s a need to set up a ready detour/s if incase a fortuitous event of an immense magnitude( God forbid!) slams the city, and in effect causes massive landslides on those brittle (vintage) roads of ours— the likes of the snake-looking Tigbalabag road when gazing from high above, like when riding a plane flying over the city’s east-coastal section.

“Parang matakot tayo iyong report. And there’s really a need for a detour road,” NFA provincial Manager Boy Nuega disclosed the other day.

Nuega confirmed the dreary observation of our local officials in here that incase such an eventually happens, the city’s economic activities will be totally cut off.

AND, one of which to be gravely affected is our rice supply in here.

“Our local rice production is only about 15% to 20%, and we rely its remaining bulk  on other provinces and cities of the region,” Nuega rued.

Ese pa!

Poreso, let’s act fast being anticipatory, at all times if need be, than just more being reactionary, as the usual case we’re known as always, “cay man cun-ambre gat mga vivientes ki,” c Bogs ya gruñi di-unabes.

“El estilo paman diaton ki, de banjing, banjing lang. Acaba ya gayot kita ste. No lang era,” c Ador ya sale alarmao.

Cigi yalang yo cun mi idol para hinde’ yo man muertoy ambre nuay na ora,” na c Nado el hente de monte, man huntu yalang dao le na su idol si nuay mas pordonde le.

Ese pa!@

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