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Huge funds await us If only we know how



“ Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”(Matthew 7: 22-23)

(Words of Enlightenment)

THESE are being alluded to all those hypocrites out to profess their supposed good works, but yet they are unpleasant in the sight of God- hence the Father Almighty spurns them that hard, even condemning their own self-proclaimed righteousness. Because Satan Lucifer the devil can do all those supposed good things that the Christians are known doing— strongly claiming they’re all for the Father Almighty’will. And, yet in the end, they’re completely rejected by the Father Almighty in Heaven, for they’re more on of works filled with iniquity.  There’s only one thing that the devil can’t do, and that’s to repent! Email:


WHO says only the PDAF can help fund most of the needed city projects in here?

“Na, pabor nomas derecho man picon,” c Bogs yaman una ya. Cun quien caha’ ta rifiri le?

IF there’s no more PDAF, pues busca manera para tene fondo dale cunel ciudad.

That’s one major foreseeable  obligation of theirs, and even incumbent on their part to look for such funds from other allowed sources.

“Cosa ba sila, ta esperansa yalang na PDAF? PDAF o nuay PDAF, servi sila na hente! Quiere, quiere co’re, y despues ta dali kita condition? Dipicil se!” ya inchila ya tamen c Bogs.

“Disuyu se derecho bosing,” c Ador ya defende cun Bogs.

Don’t they ever try to be very They should even act quick-witted, creative and should be highly resourceful to work effectively & efficiently well for their own constituents who voted then into public office.

“Y aura, ta dale sila ila terms and conditions? De loco se,” c Bogs ya pega pa suyu.

NOW, I tell you, as public or government officials of an LGU like mi ciudad de Zamboanga,  there are other huge fund sources by which our city can avail of, if only we are there truly to serve our own people. “C de banjing,  banjing lang kita ste, pues hinde’ gat puede,” pega tamen c Ador.

TO my own snooping, I found out that no less than the indefatigable Dist. 2 Congresswoman Lilia M. Nuño has managed to procure large funds from abroad sans the need to trumpet aloud the good news to let the whole world know.

UNLESS asked, the motherly solon from the east-coast kept it to herself what have already benefitted her district, and even more, “cay talli lang gayot el mga fondo, debe lang gayot man follow up y man lobby kita cunestos,” she bared.

ACCORDING to her, there’s this now $ 5 million financial grant coming from Saudi Arabia for more infra projects in her district. She’s likewise following up those ready grants coming from the USAID and from JICA based in Japan. Amongst the flagship projects of Cong. Nuño that she is just desirous to work on for their realization in the very near future, are the construction of that gigantic bridge to connect Sacol Island to the city’s mainland. Sacol has 4 island barangays within its territorial jurisdiction.

AND, there’s this niggling airport transfer issue that both Cong. Nuño and her dist. 1 counterpart Cong. Celso Lobregat aren’t losing all hopes that eventually ZC will get what it has been wishing for—that modern international airport that has been long meant for us, but to our consternation, the stoke of luck has gone to others.

EVERYBODY knows right now that the cities of  Davao, Cagayan de Oro and General Santos are merely poking fun at us, for they used to be on the receiving end then, until we chided those supposed visiting dignitaries whose eagerness to help ZC put up a modern ZCI airport, instead, turned to sourness. AND, that has changed everything all in our disfavor—in so far as any talks  with regards to building a modern  international airport in ZC is concerned.

“Ya anda pa sila( council) insulta cunel mga visita diamon para ayuda era dale el fondo planta un moderno airport aki(The council even derided our visitors just about eager to help our city build a modern airport,” I vividly reminisced how dismayed was then ATO manager Celso Bayabos to the supposed rude treatment given them by our then city council in the past when invited as guests in its August Body.

Na aura, ni nada kita ste!

Ese pa!@

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