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Liz: triple cities by the Blue Channel melting pot of threats


(BY: PERRY S. LAHAMAN) There are three cities within the area across the Basilan Channel that we can aptly say to form a “STRAIT TRIANGLE” and let me venture to abbreviate the name with female nomenclature “LIZ” to stand for LAMITAN, ISABELA AND ZAMBOANGA. These three cities have one unique similarity, that is, in the hands of female executives. Well, it’s the women’s world now they say.

Lamitan city has Rosita Uy Furigay, a pharmacist by profession, a politician by passion. As an LGU executive she enjoys the expertise of her better-half. The incumbent vice mayor of the “LAMITAN KONG MAHAL”, despite the financial deficit the city has for the moment but somehow gets the full support of the Sangguniang Panlungsod. Ostensibly, the Vice Mayor doing everything well for her sake. Is she toying the idea of leaving her post and give way for ORIC, the popular nickname of the Vice Mayor, to take over the seat before the 2016 elections. So far, her performance rating is on a passing mark level.

Isabela City, it is still Cherilyn Santos Akbar’s political domain on her last term in office. What is her plan for 2016 elections, at this point in time nobody can predict where would be her next political adventure. Will it be the gubernatorial post or a congressional seat. Then we should find out from the horse-mouth-the charming female executive may provide the clue as she is doing well and fine in the city of Isabela.

From across the blue strait, approximately sixteen nautical miles to the north is the LATIN CITY to borrow the name adopted by former Zamboanga City Mayor Celso Lorenzo Lobregat. If I get he right feedback, the former hizzoner is interested to get back his seat at city hall. Will Beng give way instead eye for senate post with PINOY backing her up for inclusion in the senatorial LP slate? The option is not remote but possible.

Among these three cities, Zamboanga City is, by and large, enjoys advantage in terms of revenue and BIR allotment. Lamitan city is the poorest among the three cities and reportedly with minimal school board fund allocation. The Sanguniang Panlungsod opted to augment the financial deficiency of Lamitan city through Land Bank Loan. What for? City Councilor Roy M. Mateo knows the reason. It could be a part of political plan for 2016 elections to fast track infra-project development for this infant city still crawling shouting for help.

Isabela City somehow is in need of more capital outlay. The charming female executive may be contented with the financial situation obtaining at the Cocoyawan city down there with Malamawi channel.

The three cities except perhaps Lamitan city are not expected to join the new Bangsamoro government. It is obvious, the Bangsamoro paradigm as gleaned from the Framework Agreement does not auger well to the thrust and aspiration of the populace of the three cities. It would be catastrophic for these three cities if ever they fall within the political jurisdiction of the Bangsamoro government. Hopefully, people in these three cities have sufficient information on what is the Bangsamoro Basic Law being drafted for Congress to enact it. This basic law will have rough sailing in the Senate. ABANGAN NATIN MGA Kababayan.

Shifting to threat, in these three cities killings are commonplace, hostile elements riding tandem on the motorbikes killed innocent and helpless civilians. The peace and order situation in the three cities are at stake. People are not safe to do the daily chores what more do we get out of the atrocities if our law enforcers are unable to control the commission of crimes perpetrated by hostile persons in the midst of tranquility.

Hopefully, with the intrusion and provocative threats of element from large groups that may strike any moment on their whims and caprices, our military and police forces provide us the necessary protection.

The threats and disturbances are real and they are not artificial, to include rival MILF and MNLF forces still at loggerheads, notwithstanding the ABU-Sayyet, the must hostile group. No assurance of PEACE, this we have accept it with uncertainty. 

This column will continue to stay as long as time and opportunity still available. Thanks Ed. for the accommodation.

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