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A query to City Hall


(BY: JUN FELICIANO)    (Words of Enlightenment)

FOR the sake of a sister of mine from a religion or from her denomination, how I wish she’ll search the Scriptures “for in them, we might find our eternal salvation.”

THE Scripture says, “if any prophet or even an angel claiming to have come from heaven, but teaches another Word that’s against the will of the Almighty Father in Heaven, let them be accursed.”

THE Bible says:: “Search the Scriptures for in them, ye think ye have eternal life; and they’re which that testify of me.”( John 5: 39); “He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge them in the last days.”(John 12: 48)

THESE are strong words coming from Jesus himself. Now, for the sake of my sister, if you twist, distort, alter or cover the very words of God as written in the Scriptures, you’re an abomination in the sight of God. If you enthrone your own man-made doctrine, your own interpretation or your own righteousness that’s not found what’s written in the Scriptures, “The same words will judge you in the last days.”

PITY your soul, my brothers and sisters, for if such souls of ours will reject the words of God, surely our souls will be condemned forever as we’ll be cast unto the torments of the fires of hell for all eternity.


HERE is one hypothetical question someone poses to our local authorities in here: “What if a private individual( a bangsa moro sympathizer) plans to set up  a (solar) dryer in his property, let’s say in Sacol, and he loans money from the bank, does it mean he has yet to secure a permit from City Hall?”

City hall, explain them, please.


Notwithstanding the fact, I haven’t seen yet its record to show its rebuttal to such a report( about the supposed failure of Zamcelco’s rebid), yet its top brass strongly refutes it.

“There was no failure at all. It’s just a reply to the complainant’s query on the said issue,” reacted Zamcelco prexy Omar Sahi( as GM George Ledesma was said to be out of town last week). Talla dao na Iloilo, on official travel).

I’ll be only convinced to believe if they show me NEA’s rejoinder to Jun Marquez’s supposed query to that effect. THEIR staff refuses to release such a record, unless approved by GM Ledesma.

“Pensaba ba kita, transparent el Zamcelco? Manada man gale’ lli pasakalle?” c Bogs ya principia ya ladra.

“Di-ila lli Presidente Omar Sahi, nuay problema, hinde’ se ta esconde records, pero’ losdemas, de sangranadas ya,” c Ador ya segunda.

“Disperta cunesos! Ila, ila ya tamen sila lli? Ta esconde ya tamen sila na publiko? Na di-ila mismo member-consumers? Baca’ entra ya tamen canila lli el Mobeza? Baca ladra ya tamen canila lli c Buboy Valerio, c Cholo Soliven,” na c Nadoo, bien real ya man gayot ta kda.


Ta keda ya man ste igual cun su idol, bein grandstanding gayot.

Ese pa!@

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