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SOME sectors dislike Sept. 5 as “Zamboanga Siege Day”



“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” ( Matthew 24: 35)

(Words of Enlightenment)

THIS is being underscored by no less than our own Lord Jesus Christ while with his disciples in the midst of his sermon, that all those words spoken by Him remain the same, and therefore,be obeyed if we are after our own eternal salvation. It only shows that obedience to his words ought to be our only  passport in going to heaven. It is his words that we need to feed our soul tosave us in the last days. By keep hearing his words will make us closer to our Almighty Father in heaven. The words of GOD will make us grow and mature in the spirit to enable us to learn God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding. By being therein the spirit, we learn that faith is the language of God, for without faith, it’s but so difficult to please God. Emil:


SOME sectors are raising a certain degree ofdisapproval to City Hall’s opting that Sept. 5 as the fitting date to commemorate the infamous “Zamboanga Siege.”The infamy virtually placed the entire ZC under siege during the nearly entire month of September, last year(2013).

“We believe thatit’s more fitting to commemorate last year’s Sept. atrocious event in its aftermath—when we managed to finally recapture& liberate themost critically (6) affectedareas from the grasp of those heavily-armed MNLF marauders. Not prior, or worse, during the pillaging days,” they strongly hinted.

“Na el City Hall se quiere, hinde’ gane’ sos ta entretenemga suggestion. El cosasosquiere,ese el cigi(That’s City Hall’s liking. What they decide, that is to follow),” c Bogs yapegayatamensuyu(Bogs let loose his sharp remarks). “Tupaotamen se suobservation(His obsevations are correct),” segundatamen c Ador(Ador concurred).


IT looks like the world is getting bleaker & bleaker,— right on tread as accurately predicted in the Scriptures.

LOOK right in our very own midst, there’s more of deep hate & animosity amongst us than there’s love being spread amongst us these days.

THIS world is more inclined to go back to its savagery days when their barbarians ruled them all in those days.

HAVE you seen in video how the ISIS behaved in Iraq when one of their kind beheaded their captive( an American journalist) just the other day? HOW about the relentless pockets of war going on in Gaza between the Israelite forces and the Hamas of its neighbor Palestine?

WHAT about the bloody dispute that’s raging up to now in the frontiers of Ukraine and Russia, where the disastrous downing of a Malaysian plane, killing almost 300 passengers on board, happened just recently?

AND, how about its other Malaysian commercial plane that has gone missing up to now since its reported disappearance last March? Albeit, our supposed modern technology we boast of, yet they haven’t found its traces, at all up to now. It just mysteriously vanished.

NOW, here comes the various super storms that never, even in our wildest dream, have been known before.

“Jun, right now, in the states, there are sea monsters down our deep seas, just emerging in the waters in some part of in the united States,” noted one FIL/AM right now vacationing in our city.

THESE are the very Signs as mentioned in the Scriptures by our own Savior Jesus Christ who prophesied what to come in the last days more than 2,000 years ago while he roamed on the earth during his generation then. Believe it or not, but the Signs are now right in here in our midst. And, it’s even getting clearer & clearer— likened to a flickering light getting brighter & brighter as it gets nearer and  nearer the end of its tunnel.

“Na, hinde’ pa kitaripinti?(Aren’t we going to repent, right now?)” c Nadodol born again yamanste(Nado is akin to a born-again).

“Alli ripintido ya daoNado? (Are you a repented one, Nado?),” c Bogs yatontia ya tamen(Ador jeered) .

“No gat man broma(Don’t’ be kidding), repentance is the only way to gain our eternal salvation,” tupaogayot c Ador, dol pastor yamanste(Ador is right, likened to a pastor).

“Ta cigilangyocunbosing. Debegane’ todokita, ripinti(Just heeding to my Boss, In-fact, we all need to repent).”

TupaotulliAdor(You’re right, Ador).@

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