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A Tear from the Cradle


In this solitary side
of twilight
to my dismay
i discover a tiny bead of tear
trapped in the saddest corner
of my eye

i swear
this wasn’t there in the
carefree years of my boyhood
nor in the exciting days of my
youth; there isn’t any reason for it to exist
for it has never been a part of the crowded
cubicle of my life; but obviously, the world rejoices
to see me in constant
crying, shuddering
irredeemably in shame; people of my own fellowship
and bloodline want me ripped apart by forces
common to our heritage; now they are even invading
the last frontier of my privacy, my imagination, which is
my sacred refuge
from the wretchedness
of today’s embrace

as i
intentently stare at the mirror
not a visible trace of tear
is left clinging to my conscience
i realize now
that i have always been
crying  tearlessly from the moment
i first opend my eyes


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