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Gun-slaying of superior shows discipline breakdown in AFP


“IT is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4: 4)
(Words of Enlightenment)
OUR Lord Jesus Christ was speaking to them having the mind of God( himself) and not of man. When Jesus told them that, he meant everything in the Spirit and not in the Physical whatsoever.
JESUS was stressing that by keep hearing the words of God, he’ll have eternal life in the end. By merely eating the bread laid on the table won’t give us eternal life at all. Though, it’ll help nourish our physical body to make us live longer, yet it isn’t enough at all to make us live forever. Email:
WHAT that army sentinel did to his superior officer when the former shot to death the latter on Wednesday morning(Aug. 27) in Sirawai town, Zamboanga del Norte, supposedly right inside their camp, would show there’s indeed a breakdown of discipline amongst soldiers in our AFP organization. The incident, certainly, wasn’t just the first time we ever heard of, at all. There have been similar  occurrences in the past and they keep on recurring sans any solution that we see in any given future at all, by now.
WHY? Ask our AFP top brasses themselves. It’s no surprising if you can’t get any pleasing answers from them, either.
“NUAY sos gana dale buen contestation, cay lingas tamen sos para di-ila lang. Quire decir, they don’t give a damn at all!” na c Bogs inchilao ya tamen.
CPL. George Patpat 31, married, a native of Cebu City, mowed down his superior Army Sgt. Romeo Piedad of Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur with cal. 5.56 and an M-16 armalite rifle, and finished him off, as he emptied all their bullets on him. Police investigators said they retrieved a total of 21 empty shells from the crime scene.
THEY discovered, in their initial probe, that the suspect shot to death the victim due to personal grudge.
“Ya mira ya? Quiere decir, nuay respeto na ila leader,” c Ador ya segunda siempre.
“Grabe man?” otro tamen ste hente de monte, spera bos Nado!
Acaba ya kita cunesto tres! Salawayun ya tamen..
THE San Ramon Power Inc.(SRPI) appeared being unduly goaded to shame for not being able to settle their supposed arrears with Ecozone.
WHY not get the thorough side of SRPI first before we prejudge everything about its supposed ambiguity on the matter?
 BUT, of-course, media will always tend to feast on such a titillating issue like SRPI.
SRPI, in its initial stage, pledged us all in here, that it’s going to be the ‘messiah’ of us Zamboangueños, in so far as the issue of acute power crisis that’s hounding us all right now, is concerned.
RIGHT now, it remains all same promises, ever since they announced their highly ambitious project about 3 or 2 years ago.
And, we’re now entering 2015, just a year short  of targeted time framce to start off its supposed massive operation.
Yet there’ no concrete sign of any significant activities, up to now, out there in their huge leased area of operation inside Ecozone.
 AND so, probably, that’s what they rightfully deserve by now(denigration) -- unless they do something to change the conceptual minds of the public on the matter.
TO SRPI, you need to officially come out in the open, and  break your silence on this burning issue, the soonest time possible.
“Nisicita, ca ultimo-ora too late a hero sila keda.  Quiere decir, strike while the iron is hot!” aba c Ador yaman ingles, ingles pa..
I’M still in Davao City up to now, yet I know how to keep abreast with you, guys. High tech y aba kita poreso. Thanks, fellas. See you, soon.@

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