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BEST formula to attain peace on Earth


(BY: JUN FELICIANO)  THE WORD:  “WHOEVER looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” ( Matthew 5: 28)

(Words of Enlightenment)

JESUS CHRIST was telling a more profound example of lust. He said by just looking at a woman and lusting on her, is already an adultery in his heart, or vice versa—meaning if a woman does the same way, she’s committing an adultery, too. This is but just a shocking revelation coming from our Lord Jesus Christ to those yet embedded with the so-called “serpent seed” that many from the Church age don’t understand at all. Email:


DIST. 1 Congressman CelsoLobregat, as expected, flatly denied he had anything to do with the Sept. 9 infamy that marred ZC last year.

HE didn’t categorically put the blame on Councilor Ismael Musa, representing the city’s IP’s sector in the legislative body , but definitely such a statement from the unperturbed city solon would serve a stern warning of sort to his nemesis in politics.

I pretty sense well how Cong. Lobregat was taken aback by such a nasty skepticism that he and lady Mayor BengClimaco-Salazar and some other top leaders had supposedly met with certain top MNLF leaders in a downtown hotel prior to the Sept. 9 rampage staged by the heavily- armed MNLF-Misuari faction in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

“Poreso, no gayotatribiotrabes, cay tienelli man ride on, cay manadalli, tampabuenoyagayotnapulitica. Hinde’ kamoganacunSo’” aba c Bogs cunquiencahaste?

Ay amboot!


THE peace problem in this world can’t be solved by waging all kinds of wars. There have been countless of wars already staged by so many highly ambitious leaders in the world, but all of them have fallen short of achieving a lasting peace that they have been longing for.

WHY? I’ll tell you the reason why, by next issue of Pencing. Keep in touch, guys.@

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