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Whistle blower” will anyone come out like Benhur Luy?


(BY: PERRY S. LAHAMAN) Writing opinion on a local tabloid column printed over here in the city by the blue channel appears to be enjoyable let alone tiresome to some extent spent precious time thinking on what vital issue worth scribbling.

Be that as it may, let me encode some points to begin. Several government officials steal public funds have the gall and guts to do it. They are thick-faced, so brave and insensitive. This is not uncommon nowadays, these public officials are motivated to do wrong acts because of the desire to enjoy the luxury of good life and the urge to accumulate more wealth. Majority of these government officials are holding elective positions so common in the autonomous region.

Take a good look at one official once on ordinary person before but when he was designated to hold sensitive position became overnight millionaire and build plush residential house and likewise acquired luxury cars as we can find this kind of homo-sapiens outside Latin City or possibly in an air-conditioned office room cooling of his two testicles. His favorite expertise is on cost and estimates. He knows his way out so goes Mang Pandoy observation.

I guess it is perfectly understandable that so many committed wrongdoing because very few are wanting to be courageous as whistleblower to expose corruption. Benhur Luy is an exceptional guy, he came out to expose the scam linking some senators to the anomalous acts.

With the filing of the plunder case against three senators as well as Janet Lim Napoles and others for the alleged complicity in the pork barrel scam over there at the Sandiganbayan. They now become the target and focus of public scrutiny. Somehow, hopefully some whistleblowers would emerge to expose anomalous acts committed in the past years tracing back to the administration of the Ampatuans and other regional governors.

A good example is an unfinished edifice allegedly reported as completed and finished project. The unfinished project auspiciously stand inside a school campus in one of the new cities in the island of Basilan. Try to make a visit to the island province and one will not miss to notice the unfinished public building worth several million pesos. Corrupt government officials are emboldened and unfazed by the humiliation they get to include other members of the family. Someday, somehow a whistleblower from this region will surface and courageously come out into the open and share what he knows and shows documentary evidences supporting the revelation in the expose.

The impediment some records ever hidden and they are kept unshown inside lockers and safe in government offices. Even the Commission on Audit offices are hesitant to cooperate and provide photocopies of documents. It is hoped however that the freedom of information (FOI) bill will be enacted so that government could not anymore hide documents and transparency on information for scrutiny as some penpushers would be willing to print vital issues and concerns on local tabloids.

Ok folks! Godspeed and we may venture to print issues as regards the over-staying SAMA-DILAUT occupying the RT LIM Boulevard. Let’s make the boulevard maintains its splendor and beauty. This one is for Beng the energetic lady executive. 

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