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ONLY 2 remaining titans?



“THEY have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about establishing their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.” ( Romans 10: 2-3)

(Words of enlightenment)

THIS is being underscored in the Scriptures,   and is being clearly alluded to those in the Church age. It’s undeniably true that most if not all in the Church age don’t fully follow and obey God’s words and His Righteousness.

IN their inability to do so, they are compelled to invent their own—meaning do their own righteousness.

AND, this is where they dismally fall short in quest for their own eternal salvation. Email:


DAVAO CITY – WITHIN its huge and spacious Kingdom compound, the elegance of its clean, neat and peaceful surroundings added by the splendid discipline of all its God-fearing citizens, safe and secure living inside, is predictably aimed as amongst the standards of God’s righteousness here on the earth someday.

IN retrospect, my last column talked basically about the Love of God which is all-inclusive— being now spread in all corners of the world by all sons and daughters of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ— that’s going to conquer and destroy the deceptive works of Satan, Lucifer the devil.

IT’s the deception of the devil that’s the root cause of all these troubles- especially all these unending wars happening on the earth since Adam, because the devil’s demonic advocacy is nothing but to instill hate in the hearts and minds of humanity. AND, the best weapon to face it fair and square is the Love of God that knows no bound—irrespective of our religion/denomination, race, nationality, status, color or whatever.

ACTUALLY, there are three kinds of love: 1. Eros- the love for the opposite sex; 2. Felio- the love for our friends and loved ones, and  3. Agape- the Love of the Almighty Father in Heaven that’s perfect and all-inclusive—meaning it’s not exclusive at all.


NOW, back to where Pencing belongs, and that’s where No de Vaya Zamboanga and Vaya con Dios is, denoting all about Zamboanga City.

 IT appears to many that these two remaining titans, as Amor con Amor se Paga and even Nuevo Zamboanga have virtually retired their jerseys by now, loom to square it off come 2016 crucial polls in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

BUT, to Pencing’s clear mind, these our two political giants right now, lady Mayor Maria Isabelle Garcia Climaco-Salazar and Dist. 1 Congressman Celso Lorenzo Lobregat won’t dare to stage their own future Clash of the Titans— to the consternation of the many  bigots in our local politics, craving for a 3rd Dream Match in the making.

“Nomas ya esperansa cay hinde’ gayot se susede,” na c Bogs tampa sabe ya tamen.

“Susede se,” c Ador taman contra.

‘Alli asegurao gana’ mi idol,” acaba ya kita cuneste c Nado, sabe gat asaeta.

 Ay amboot..

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