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The Community: Its Role In Education


(BY: ELENA F. BALAN) Education is the heartbeat of society and most communities value education for their children.  Education as one of the public goods , should not only be valued by the community and the people, but must be advanced and protected or preserved. This is the responsibility of all community role players, stakeholders as well as educational institutions.   Everyone must take its part in education as it is stated in the famous quote “ It takes a village to educate the child.”    

Students, teachers and parents know that community support is vital to the success of schools and  students. Our community is where our heritage lies. The place where we grow up and the people whom we grow up with has a huge influence  in the outlook we have in life; how we speak, how we view the people around us, and how we view ourselves.

Basically, community comprises a group of people who have common interest, religion, race, etc. As such, barangay officials, the medical sector, business institutions, religious  leaders , safety and security enforcers and the parents are considered as the strong community builders who support the whole purpose of education system of turning mirrors into windows. 

Relating to the many contributions of the community in the education system, it is stated that under the local government code, the barangay  is entrusted to support  school programs that will be beneficial to all life-long learners. As an example,  the different forms of donations extended  by the barangay, the implementation of activities and programs for the youth  bridged the purpose of achieving better education system for the students.

Furthermore, business institutions in nearby schools are also caterers of providing personalized attention  and guidance to the students aspiring to become better people in the community. Business  establishments aim at taking education to a new level. They take pride in behavioral framework which is truly based on honesty, integrity, commitment to others, higher standards of customer service and professional excellence. In preparation for school year 2015-2016, most of the Philippine Secondary Schools authorities are now starting to knock  the benevolent heart of business institutions for the opening of K to 12 Senior High School.  The presence, commitment and support of business institutions will pave the way for the opening and implementation  of senior high school by the secondary school in the community where the school is located.

The religious sector also contribute not  only in the students’ personal reflection and development , but also heighten respect for the beliefs of others and help build a diverse  but cohesive societies.

And lastly, the strongest stakeholders and members of the community are the parents.  Although  the parents’ role in their children’s learning evolves as the  kids grow, one thing remains constant: Parents are the children’s learning model, it is a fact that parents are the children’s first teachers. In the context of formal education, parents must have their children enrolled in school and teachers becomes the children’s second parents. With this, there should be strong linkages, collaboration and better communication between parents and teachers in terms of students’ academic progress and development. Both the  parents and teachers should exercise greater power and strong command for the wellbeing of  children’s education or else outside forces will took advantage to exploit and dominate over the powerless , leaving the children worse off.

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