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GIVE credit where credit is due


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of enlightenment)

THE greatest miracle is not physical but spiritual. It’s so difficult to be the sons and daughters of the Father Almighty, unless we (mankind) repent and obey God’s Will from now on in our lives.

MAN is so physical in this thinking, that what he believes as the greatest miracle is by healing of the body. The body, even if completely healed, will ultimately go the ground. The Scriptures saith: “From dust we came, unto dust we return.” Email:


THE repair of the ZCIA runway has reportedly begun, and that most of our city officials led by our lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar were there, along with top officials of Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines(CAAP), Joint Operations Special  Task Force(JOSTF), Wesmincom, PNP and AFP, to witness its groundbreaking staged last Sept. 5(Friday).  

MOST if not all our local officials’ names were mentioned, but how come the names of our two House Reps. weren’t given credit at all, huh?

LOCAL media should better bear in mind, that credit should go where credit is due. 

MIND you, it was mainly due to the unceasingly lobbying of our motherly Dist. 2 Congresswoman Lilia M. Nuño for the US gov’t to eventually improve our badly dilapidated airport runway . Working in low key, as always, unless the nosy press asks her, the lady solon from the east-coast, tenaciously made her follow-ups with Uncle Sam through JOSTF under its commanding officer, a certain Army Co. Brown.

THE top US army officer, according to my grapevine, had even revealed, when both sat down over a ‘cup of coffee’ in her posh residence in Guiwan, that the United States Armed  Forces(USAF), ever since their presence was felt in mi ciudad de Zamboanga, especially at the height of their Balikatan commencement exercises in early 2000, and up to now, has been very much eager and willing to help  our city develop its airport and its other related facilities, the fact that they’re regularly using it for the constant delivery of their assorted heavy equipment on board their huge planes by virtue of the so-called (Expanded Visiting Forces Agreement? Hope, I’m right).

BROWN, my same source disclosed, was emphatic to stress that what they only need is proper representation from our local officials in here.

“Akel gale’ c nuay pa c Cong. Lilia Nuño man follow up, ni nada era kita ste , aserca cunese long overdue airport runway repair. Hasta aura, ma guhak lang era siempre se runway lli,” na c Bogs ya principia ya tamen su putak.

 “Aura, talla ya tamen sila. Bueno ya tamen man pogi points. Alli lang sos alisto!,” ya cunsumi ya tamen c Ador.

“ Deberasan man, bueno sos man porma lang, para man posing lang, man pogi points ya tamen sila lli. Ay ke makalingit gat mira,” na c Nado el de monte, ya pega tamen suyu.

 “Pero’ para trabaha, sangranadas lang siempre. Busca bosotros cunesos na ila oficina, mas muchu de-esos nuay, talla na city hall, quiere caha’ man mayor ya. Ay bien buwsit!!” ya umenta pa gayot c Nado maski de alla,alla lang ste.

“Makalingit pa gayot, cay nuay sila incluhi cun mi idol ya,” acaba ya kta cuneste c Nado, ele ya taman picon, ya conta’ya caha. 

 “Kien ba gat debos idol Nado, ha?”c Bogs ya tontia ya tamen.

“Otro bos, siempre c So!”

Ese pa! yaman So’ lang, espera bos!

Ya man pa-ulugin ya tamen el tres.@

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