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WHAT Ñor Cesar failed to do Rody urged to accomplish


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

THEY were all following Jesus Christ in his ministry because of his healings, physically. But, when Jesus taught them repentance, they all turned their back on him.

MAN is hard to repent, for repentance truly means surrendering your human will to God’s Will.



DAVAO CITY—URGED on to speak up, as to his honest-to-goodness reaction to the popular clamor of the people for him to run for President in 2016, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte was brutally frank in his statement issued publicly during the 18th International Kingdom Leaders Convention.

“If you really want me to run for the presidency in 2016, you might regret it. Because, if, as President, I cannot do for the country like what I can do for Davao City as its mayor in 6 months, then I’ll be constrained to declare a revolutionary gov’t,” Duterte strongly pointed out on Sunday night.

DUTERTE said he’ll abolish the GSIS and the SSS and will bat for its privatization, for they’re amongst gov’t-owned & controlled corporations that supposedly pervert  corruption to the core.

BUT, a lot many of them still doubt if Duterte can break the jinx, and be the first duly-elected President of the Philippines coming from Mindanao.

OUR very own late legendary Mayor Cesar C. Climaco was touted highly by his contemporaries in the 60’s and 70’s up to the 80’s, that he could be the first Mindanaoan President of the Philippines, because of his down-to-earth style in governance. His charisma among the masa was so great that even his peers in those days, like the assassinated Sen. Ninoy Aquino, Jose Diokno, Gerry Roxas, Nene Pimentel, Tañada and the rest acceded to his exceptional acerbic tongue when lashing— including  at the late dictator (Pres.)Ferdinand Edralin Marcos.

PIMENTEL when he graced Ñor Sar’s huge funeral rites after being assassinated, as well, in l984— a year later after Aquino’s own in August of l983, passionately extolled late city mayor, and hailed him as the best President of this country that we have never had.

“Keber gat se! Faborito pa man se c Ñor Sar d Felimon de  barrio Limaong,” c Bogs ya principia ya tamen suyu mga tontiada.

Duterte’s curt words are designed to obey in DC.

“IF you cannot afford to obey my policy here in Davao City, then better get out of Davao City, or die!” he strongly declared.

DC is now considered the most peaceful city in the entire country. And to me, the cleanest, as well.

WHEN Duterte entirely banned firecrackers in Davao City, the people supported it nay protest nor any public indignation that we heard of.

WHEN he banned smoking too, everybody in Davao, cooperates with him, because he knows how to work it out with wisdom, knowledge and understanding to his own constituents.

“Na aki gale, Pencing, cosa man gale?,” talla ya tamen c Bogs, ta principia ya tamen su pregunta lleno de intriga.

“No soy, habla nada,” na c Nado, tampa español tamen.

“Estaquieto bos por favor,” ta consumi ya tamen c Ador.

Talla ya tamen el tres, ya pone ya tamen ela obra. Ay amboot! @

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