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GUESS who’s ahead of Barroca?


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment):

MAN has only 3 scores plus 10 to live in this secular world. If he lives more than this known expiry date given to mankind, that’s bonus years for all of us through the grace of God.

BUT, in the end, the Inevitable (death)will hound us for nobody can’t escape from it. ANY life that doesn’t include eternity isn’t real life at all. It’s likened to a dream when waking up, you can’t find it any longer at all. Email:

LET’S talk all about basketball, as the world FIBA games are yet ongoing up to now. OUR Gilas Pilipinas has failed to enter the next round. But, their performances in Spain where the FIBA is being held, weren’t really that bad at all. We gave them a run for their money, as we lost to them just by a slim margin. Can you imagine, most of our diminutive players being matched up against those beanpole players from Puerto Rico, Croatia, Greece and Senegal in their own grouping? In their every match, they were likened to David fighting against Goliath.

THE only difference is that David (biblically) defeated Goliath.

GILAS was humbled by their taller opponents, except when they went up against Senegal, winning in the process just by 2 points. 

AT-LEAST, one big consolation for our Pinoy players, not having been blanked at all in this most prestigious world cage tournament, outside NBA.

“What we need is more exposures abroad to improve their games when under intense pressure,” observed one local cage analyst.

Tupao tu!

THE problem now lies on our country’s cage officials who are notoriously known as more engaged in politics even in sports matter. Ese pa!


NOW, let’s go to our own local hoop version in here. What I know of, while out-of-town for several days, was that Marc Barroca from Brgy. Recodo, named as MVP in one big PBA championship tourney this year, was honored and feted by our local officials just last week. Barroca shined in this year’s series of PBA games that led them to a grand slam under multi-titled Coach Tim Cone.

MARC is only one of 4 local cage players known as having honed up their basketball skills as FEU mainstays while playing big time basketball in Metro Manila.

INDISPUTABLY, the very first one who created a big stir while wearing the FEU jersey, was our very own City Administrator Antonio  G. Orendain, Jr.

ORENDAIN holds the distinction up to now, as the only Zamboangueño named as the  captain ball of FEU while playing for the said alma mater for at-least 3 years during his heyday back in the l960’s.

NO one, as far as I can remember, came close to it.

OTHER FEU stars, hailing from this city, aside from Orendain and Barroca, were Bay Cristobal from Tetuan, R.R Garcia from Southcom Village and Mike Tolomar from Sta. Maria. Tolomar is currently playing for FEU in the premiere annual UAAP basketball league.

MY only regret right now, is that many of our local basketball players don’t show their wares anymore on our local courts in here, as I sense darn well that our city doesn’t have any good venue/s where to hold big time basketball tourneys, unlike in the cities of  Davao and Cebu.

AS I dismally must have noted too, it appears that our own local gov’t isn’t much keen to promote big-time basketball, at this point in time. Poreso, many have expressed their utter disgust over the alarming upsurge of drug cases in ZC.

 “Deberasan se bosing. You hit the nail right on its head, cay talli maga jovensito, taman droga, taman rugby. Ni nada ta ase aton gubierno local. Ke grande berguansa cunel aton maga visita ki,” na c Bogs ta ladra ya tamen.

“Na, poreso, no gayot principa, cay kame ase acaba,” c Ador bueno gayot segunda.

“Yo ste, ay aprende yalang masca y puma tabaco igual cunese capre lli na acacia del normal school,” na c Nado de anciano gane siempre. Keber ta acorda pa cunese normal school. Nado, hinde ya normal school, WMSU ya se!” regaño ya tamen ya ricibi cun Bogs.   

Pasensya yalang cunestos tres, mga amigos y amigas, cay kita ki Vamos a Zamboanga lang siempre, maski ansina pa el situation aton ki. Bahu’ y ma chichi’.

Acaba ya kita ste! Ya sale ya el bagoon!@

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