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 “They have the zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves to the righteousness of God.” (Romans 10: 2-3)

(Words of Enlightenment)

This is being practiced in these days by the Church Age, no longer recognized by God, for they all fail to deliver God’s complete Word. Most if not all merely teach their flocks the half-truth and not the whole truth— the reason why God no longer listens to them.

THEY make their own righteousness, not God’s righteousness. They’re more on religiosity and not on Spirituality. There’s a big difference between Religiosity and Spirituality: Religiosity is man’s way of reaching God, while Spirituality is God’s way to reach Him. That means man has to follow and obey only God’s Will which is what God wants us to do. Email:


REALLY Doc. It’ll stop there? I mean only up to 160 deaths, huh? Bueno era. But, do you really want to make us believe, their lives have improved right now, as far as their health situation is concerned?

 DR. Rodel Agbulos, head of the city health office (CHO) on Thursday, disclosed that since they (IDPs) have been transferred to their different designated transitory sites, their health problems have well been addressed.

‘“So far so good, as a result of their transfer to their transitory centers compared when they were still in their evacuation center/s like in the Grandstand. The death toll has been reduced by 50%,” Dr. Agbulos gladly reported.

“Entonses Doc. Hinde’ na gayot dale canaton problema sos?” c Bogs ta ase su preguntas.


The good city physician said as of the latest, the death toll from amongst the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) stands at 160. Keber se!

“Hinde’ ba se Doc. gross negligence on your part?” na c Bogs ya pone pa basul cun doc.

“Bogs, no tamen ansina, ta trabaha ya el hente, ansina pa tu ta abla,” aba c Ador ya defende cun Doc.

“Na yo, ya anda pidi medicina na city health para claba inection cumigo cay quiere pa gayot yo keda joben, pirmi sila ta abla cumigo cay nuay dao medicina, cumpra dao apuera. Hinde’ ba libre lang se mga medicina aton de gubierno?,” c Nado nuay atrasa ya ase tamen su pregunta.

Bunito pregunta se, Nado..


THE BIR in here, particularly our district revenue office (93-a) under Cris Agad is very much wary over its poor tax collections the past 4 to 5 months.

“Yes, Jun, we have not hit our target, except the month of January (this year). This is the reason why we have to implement some measures, especially on the enforcement. We need to meet our target as directed on us by our BIR Commissioner (Kim) Henares. Anyway, this is for the good of our own country, and also for us, as this is for our own welfare,” Agad entreated.

He said the BIR has the authority to conduct tax-mopping operation to check all stores whether they’re correctly issuing the right receipts of the BIR, and if they’re declaring the correct amount of their tax obligations.

He also appealed anew to all the barangays still delinquent in their tax remittances that, he said, don’t belong to the barangays but have to be remitted to the national gov’t through the BIR, as they’re the withheld 5% taxable amount that’ll go to the gov’t coffers. If they don’t remit those amounts, then these barangays are virtually stealing the money of the gov’t, whether they know it or not. And, they can be held accountable drastically (in legal viewpoint).

Poreso, no gayot man balasubas na pagada, cay macahuya’ cay ladron gale’ kita ste, cay ta saca kita el sen hinde’ diaton, cay de gubierno gale’ se.

FOR more details and infos, visit the office of the BIR, and you’ll be well accommodated by the office of Cris Agad. And what’s more, you’ll be well helped unburdened the possible inescapable consequences under its BIR code that can mete out severe penalties to violators under their allowed stern measures.

Like what?

Na, cosa pa man, se’ra se mga tienda dyostedes through their known “Oplan Kandado” o otro pa mga grande multa.

Poreso, compli yalang!@

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