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KIM wants ‘drug’ issue on SP peer fully probed


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

THE Bible saith: “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?”

EVEN if we’re the wealthiest in this material and physical world, we’re the poorest in the sight of God, if remain unrepented. And, when man dies, he leaves everything behind, including all his wealth, as his soul faces God’s Judgment in the end. Judgment from God is necessary to determine where his/her soul is destined to go- in hell or in heaven? If he/she does the will of the Almighty Father, Heaven awaits his/her sould to live in glory with God for all eternity. If he fails to do God’s Will, his/her soul goes to the lake of fire, which is the second death.


CITY Councilor Juan Climaco “Kim” Elago II(Dist. 2) is pressing for a full dress investigation on the supposed serious allegation that their own legislative branch is being dragged into dope activities issue these days.

“The use of a gov’t car, accordingly, found in a drug-known place like Brgy. Recodo is not only an embarrassing or shameful act. This is much deeper than that. There’s here a criminal basis,” declared the lawyer-city lawmaker from Bryg. Tetuan over the weekend.

Elago said he was out of town when he learned a supposed unsavory incident that supposedly happened inside the sangunian panlunsod, and witnesses testified that one of their staff had a near scuffle with a top local official over an allegation that a vehicle issued him was found in one occasion in Recodo, and supposedly detected by Tumba Droga operatives closely surveilling the said place known as a hotbed for illicit drug activities in the city.

WHEN interviewed, the alluded Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde reacted: “I have even written a letter to the Civil Service Commission(CSC) for their official clarification relative to any existing policy, guidelines, rule and regulations being currently observed and implemented by the CSC pertaining to any form of mandatory drug-testing for the newly-hired officials and employees, including those who are already in the government service more particularly on the aspect of legal and/or administrative sanctions that would be applicable on those employees or officials, found to be positive for using illegal and/or prohibited drugs.”

THE same tenor was written officially to the CSC dated Sept. 10 and indicated such copy was officially received by the CSC the following day(Sept. 11).

ELAGO said a proper investigation should be conducted on the allegation— whether to be done by their own blue ribbon, or more so by the office of the city mayor and/or by the Department of the Interior of Local Gov’t(DILG) to really determine the case.

“We can even have a silent executive probe to help address this very serious accusation,” Elago added.

ELAGO said, “First and foremost, we have to determine if true that the son of a member of the Sangunian Panlungsod( City Council) was found to be in Recodo, using the official car of the city gov’t. Because, if we’ll not investigate, these talks can spread out and will even become true. In fairness to those involved, we need to investigate to give them a fair chance to clear their names. Cay sabe yaman tu, el boca del hente,( You know, the people when start mouthing).”

ITURRALDE, the city council presiding officer, said, “I’m willing to be the first one and my whole family to submit to a drug-test, even if I require also the whole sangunian staff and personnel to do the same, although this is yet subject to the CSC ruling.” He flatly denied that any member of his family is into illicit drug activities.

IT was gathered that the vehicle in question is now under restrictive custody of the sangunian panlungsod office under its secretary.

WITNESSES said one Thursday afternoon( Sept. 4), they observed a commotion inside the office of the sangunian panlungsod, and gave an clear account of what happened, saying that VM Iturralde was supposedly so upset that one of their staff was spreading ‘nasty talks’ about his son being involved in illicit drug activities.

ITURRALDE, however, denied such an allegation.

ELAGO, in parting, said, “There are no sacred cows here. Everybody should be investigated, because this involves the integrity of the council. And, the allegation that the gov’t car was used here, means we’re using our own gov’t money for drug activities. For all we know, those behind the power of our local gov’t amo el maga drug lords ya. Cay agarao ya gale’ cunel mga elected officials diaton(Those behind our gov’t are now the powerful drug lords, because they can now control our elected officials).”

HE’s confident that his colleagues in the August Body will support him, pushing for an impartial probe to, once and for all, resolve the issue.

“Ay ke horror! Ohala nuay cover-up ay tene, cay grabe se allegation,” c Bogs bien disgustao.

“ Poreso’ gale tiene manada diaton officiales de gubierno, dol ichuray addict. Ta mira tu maga itchura de-esos losdesmas lli? Alto mga ombro ya,” c Ador bueno gayot piya’.

“Poreso, tiene de-esos lasang maga cuento, y dol bu’racho, cay ta hala gale,” c Nado de alla, alla, tagole tambien.

Ampara yalang canaton ki!@

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