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Peace can’t be legislated


(BY: CLEM M. BASCAR) Every so often,  proudly we proclaim to the whole world that we are a government of laws. Yet, not a single instance in our political history have we experienced total, genuine, and permanent peace in our country. Not a single moment in our collective consciousness and active life have we witnessed the entire Filipino nation enjoy a crimeless and gunless society despite the tons and tons of laws that our brilliant and eloquent legislators from the barangays all the way to the Halls of Congress, have enacted to date.

Paradoxically, instead of minimizing the crime incidence in our country, it has become increasingly uncontrollable with the law enforcers themselves as the  emerging dominant perpetrators making a mockery of our entire political structure and downgrading democracy to the level of inutility.

Laws by themselves, don’t guarantee anything. Their effective ,efficient, and honest-to-goodness enforcement are completely dependent upon the uprightness, goodness, sincerity,  ignorable. While laws are enacted purposely to regulate human behavior to conform to what is acceptable and desirable in a  particular social or political  environement, these are not necessary in a society of good and peaceful men. Laws become only imperative and indispensable in a community of trouble makers and wrong doers. But because man had been created with two contrasting  natures, the good and the evil, each one possessing the potemtial capacity to dominate the other,  laws are generally perceived and construed to play the equalizing or balancing intervention in our private and public existence.

There is no law, agreement, or treaty by itself, that has or had been crafted perfectly no matter how long, painstakingly, and wisely it was deliberated upon, formulated, refined, and finally enacted by the most brilliant and educated men on this planet  The undeniable objective reality is, every law contains flaws, lopeholes, and weaknesses  that the criminal minds cleverly invoke and employ as their legal get-away vehicles from its proverbial long arm. In many instances, laws are even circumvented, bent, and flagrantly transgressed by lawmakers and enforcers themselves to maintain their excessive, wayward, and viciuos lifestyles. Even the 10 Commandments are being violated by men, the rate of incidence of which, is only known to God.

The same is true, in the matter of peaceful and harmonious co-existence. Laws by themselves, do not guarantee or insure the attainment or establishment of general and permanent peace. It is not a material object which can be molded into a form or shape according to the desire or aspiration of any individual or political entity; is not a diplomatic protocol,social contract, or code of conduct which can be crafted and styled to conform perfectly to the demands and terms of the parties in interest; it cannot be insured or guranteed just by the enactment of a treaty, an agreement, or a law. This has always been the painful  and ironic reality from the primeval days of Eden to this digital present, dismayingly, a constant confrontation between good and evil despite the affluence of  human laws ,divine doctrines, and commanments.

Yes,  we admire those who sincerely work, fight, and negotiate for peace for it is the fundamental requisite for an  individual, organization, and nation to develop, progress, and co-exist harmniously with the rest of humanity. Unfortinately, peace cannot be programmed, imposed, insured, legislated or dictated by any external body or force. It is a personal or social condition or state of harmony, tranquility, contentment, happiness, security, order, and safety   that emanate or springs naturally and spontaneously without terms and conditions from the very hearts and minds of good  and  peaceful men. 

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