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BENG can’t comment on “pre-nup” talks


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THE local police is all supportive of any move to thoroughly investigate any unsavory report having to do with certain top gov’t officials and their own kind supposedly implicated in illicit drug activities in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.
IN yesterday’s City Hall press briefing, ZC police safety command chief Major Ariel Huesca tersely answered: “Yes, we’ll definitely support any move from certain gov’t agencies out to probe cases of illegal drug activities linking their own key personnel, and more so, ours.”
HUESCA Said  it’s the ZCPO Intelligence office that takes charge of its “Tumba Droga” operation that’s looking into a supposed report that a top local official’s
“For official” vehicle was discovered in Brgy. Recodo the other day, suspiciously catering to dope activities. 
DIST. 2 Councilor Kim Elago on Friday has pushed for a full-dress probe on the incident, “ as this is not only an embarrassing incident but there’s a criminal basis to it, as the vehicle of the sangunian was supposedly used here when spotted at the place considered haven of drug activities, that’s Recodo.”
ELAGO is confident that his colleagues in the council will support his move. VM Cesar Iturralde, who felt alluded, said he’s willing to submit himself and/or his whole family to a drug-test as he vehemently denied such a ‘ridiculous’ report.
LET’s find out as this ‘incident’ continues to baffle the public.
CITY Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar yesterday, during the press briefing in City Hall, appeared not ready to come up with her categorical response to one meddlesome query that she’s ready to give way to Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat, the latter, many perceive, as longing to return again to City Hall by vying for the mayoral seat come 2016 local elections.
THE unruffled lady city executive simply flashed her familiar grin, as she opted not to make any straightforward comment on such a so-called “pre-nup” arrangement, at all. Besides, she wants to make it known to all and sundry that she’s more focused on her works as the city’s chief executive, and is hopeful that her collesgues in public service, will do the same.
VERY good, mayor!
“Ohala, losdemas mga alto oficales diaton ki igual cuntigo. Nu-anay sila man kamang, kamang ya lli, para man pulitika,” c Ador ta roga.
“ Puede batu se ibita, tamang kamang ya sos. Taman hutik, hutik ya sos,” na c Bogs ya pega ya tamen su suspecha.
“Sabe gat yo se, cay alla canamon, ta mobe ya gayot losdesmas. Taman pogi points ya gayott!” c Nado ta sinti ya gayot cunel calor del election ste maga tiempo.
THERE’s this complaint tossed to Pencing, that one “becki” was accordingly accorded, instead, the “cordon sanitaire” by all the “beckies” in City Hall, to his utter disappointment.
“Accordingly, the beckies didn’t allow their own becky get in, cay tiene dao c Mayor Beng bicita VIP.
“And so, this becky, after he was made to wait for hours outside Mayor Beng’s office, was so upset and walked away. Now, he wanted his case be known to the media.
“Especialmente manda sabe cun Pencing, cay stos canda Bogs, Ador y Nado ta ladra gat dao.
Na, talli ya debos reclamo!@

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