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BAYOT chokes listening “Killing Me softly…”



“FOR laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do. And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition. Making the Word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye.” (Mark 7: 8-9-13)

(Words of Enlightenment)

THIS we can very well witness how the Church Age practices up to now, by more only believing on man’s traditions, to the point of setting aside the very commandment of God. This is so displeasing in the sight of God. God so despises it! Email:

“WHAT? Requires us to resort to drug-test? Hinde’ gane’ se mandatory,” sharply reacted many of the staff commenting on the supposed stern Memo issued the other day by VM Cesar Iturralde to all the sangunian panlungsod staff/personnel.

“Mali suyu maga researchers, ya pone cunele mismo na agua caliente,” one key staff remarked.

Ese pa!

“Tiene ki ya pone c Itu spying network, no kamo combersa, combersa lli contra cun Itu’,” another staff feeling pretty apprehensive on the supposed vice mayor’s unpredictable posture on the drug issue brought about by the reported sighting of one “For Official Use” vehicle issued to his office, in an unlikely place like Recodo, known as haven of the city’s illicit drug activities.

 THE village is said under intense monitoring by the city’s Tumba Droga operatives under the ZCPO in close coordination with the office of City Councilor Jerry Perez who chairs the anti-drug committee in the council. THE supposed strong resolution of (Dist. 2) Councilor Kim Elago, urging to strengthen the city’s campaign against the worsening drug problem in our locality, was rather referred to Perez’ committee, during its regular session last Tuesday morning.

IT was gathered from a supposed top sp source that VM Iturralde and at-least three of his sons on Wednesday submitted themselves to a drug-test in the city health office, and all their findings were supposedly found negative.

“Bueno ya su resuello aura, tiene ya le peace of mind, cay negative man gale’,” one source close to the vice mayor disclosed to Pencing.


“Na, pero’ toma lang sila leche, perdido ya kel(They’ll only drink milk, the drug effect will just vanish),” one city councilor from district 1 sarcastically remarked.

Ese pa!


I found out that my good friend Mike Saavedra( CH’s Asst. Chief) is one of Pencing’s avid readers, and is even egging on for Pencing to continuously just do his homework darn well.

“Kien man kel ta abla tu becky ha, sir Jun?” he inquisitively asked.

THEN, came the hutik, hutik( the whispering): “Ah, ele gale kel?”

Kien man dao? Hehehe..


DURING the unveiling of the late Archie Eustaquio III’s statue that now permanently sits side by side with that of his late Father Arturo Eustaquio Sr.(Founder of ZAEC, now Universidad de Zamboanga(UZ) inside the UZ Summit Center in Brgy. Tetuan, the only city councilor supposedly invited to the Eustaquio’s family’s momentous affair, was Dist. 1 Councilor Rudy Bayot.

WHILE he and me were sitting in one (reserved for VIP) table inside the Summit Center after the Unveiling event, together with former VM Mannix Dalipe, Atty. Aquino( not really familiar with his first name, but son of the late illustrious City Councilor Jesus Aquino) and two priests, the down-to-earth city dad from Brgy. Tumaga appeared choking when two young female singers belted two classic songs, “Killing Me softly with this Song and Kiss Me Goodbye.”

 THEN, Bayot suddenly opened his mouth: “Sabe tu primo, ese maga cansion, bien duele gayot cunel diaton barkada alli na conseho. Keber tu se Killing me softly with love y ese Kiss me Goodbye.”

“Kien man?” I asked.

“Tu tamen primo’ tampa nusabe tamen tu,” Bayot snapped back.

Ese pa! ya cuhi pa canaton seco, seco.

Ay amboott!@

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