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DR. ELMEIR is candid to tell just the truth



“He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall him in the last day.” John 12:48)

(Words of Enlightenment)

LET’s be very careful for the sake of our own soul/s. Our Lord Jesus Christ is so emphatic on this: “The words I have spoken will be the same to judge you in the last days to come.” Email:

“THIS is another big blow to the administration of VM Cesar Iturralde. There’s this very ugly report that at certain time of the evening, gov’t vehicles/s of the sangunian panlungsod is being made as a temporary motel right inside the compound of the council.

“Basta dale lang kome balut cunel guardia, puede ya sila logra el gustu ila. This, I’m going to look into. I hope the guard/s will cooperate,” one city councilor who requested his name be withheld as of yet, told Pencing just the other day.

PENCING inquired from one guard, but got a negative answer.

“Ansina gayot se Jun, they’ll not tell you the truth, because they’ll implicate themselves,” the councilor dismally reasoned out.

Ese pa!


ASST. City Administrator and City Risk Reduction Disaster Manager Officer Dr. Elmeir Apolinario this week confirmed that, based on a factual report coming from the CCTV operation center in here, many of our CCTVs acquired by the city gov’t of ours, “are on down-line—meaning they’re not in operation.”

Dr. Apolinario said this is the very report his office submitted to Dist. 2 Councilor Elong Natividad as requested to help in the latter’s sought-after investigation.

“It takes time to repair them as we need yet to call itsprovider from Manila,” the hard-working top City Hall official disclosed.

“Now, it depends on our local gov’t as what will be its recommendation. And, we’re just waiting for the answer as to what to do with them,” Dr. Apolinario added.

“Acaba ya kita ste, defective gale’ se mga CCTV camera dia-ton ki. Pakimodo man se ayuda cunel diaton maga pulis cay kita gale’ ste mismo palpak,” c Bogs ta principia ya tamen su mga putak.

“ Di kien ba se maga mani-ubra lli?” c Ador ta pregunta.

“Na, kien pa man sino tiempo se del administration d mio Mayor Celso Lobregat,” c Nado ya abri tamen su boca, hinde ta pensa cay ta pone le mismo su idol na compromiso.

“Ese el verdad, na pero’, limpio se mi idol, rico ya se. Hinde’ se atrebe,” c Nado derecho ya contesta, dol real man gayot ste hente de monte.

“Manda combersa cun Cong. Celso Lobregat, ansina lang se,” c Ador ya contesta tamen.

“Hinde’ man le se ya recomenda, tiene otro,” c Nado sabe ya gayot.

Kien man aber Nado?” c Bogs ya ase pregunta cun Nado.

“Abla en español, nosoy nusirbe nada señor.”

“Acaba ya kita cuneste c Nado, tampa español tamen c ta combersa, pero’ hinde man gale amo. Espera bos! Uwi’ combos c Fr. Calvo insulta combos cay akel gale’ hinde amo se debos paka español.

“Ta insulta bos cunel maga español ki. Bien copiarul ste hinde’ na lugar!” regaño ya tamen ya ricibi c Nado cun Bogs. Pobre man.@

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