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“IF you reject criticism, you harm yourselves, but..”



“If you reject criticism, you’ll only harm yourself, but if you accept them you’ll grow in wisdom, knowledge and  understanding.” (Proverbs 15: 32)

(Words of Enlightenment)

THIS is the very words of our Lord Almighty Jesus Christ to sternly remind all those— including all elective public officials, not to easily flare up for criticism is one major inevitable obstacle they have to even face everyday in their lives as public servant-leaders. Email:

THERE’s this one complaint from one driver claiming he was supposedly duped by an LTO personnel the other day. THE complainant, bringing his case to the media, griped that when he paid his fine amounting to P2,500 to one LTO field personnel, he wasn’t given any official receipt, at all.

WHEN interviewed, LTO9 Operations Chief Shan Amilahassan refuted such an allegation, saying they just can’t afford not to issue any official receipt to any apprehended violator paying their corresponding fine and/ or penalty for an incurred traffic infraction on his part.

THE driver-complainant could have fallen into the inducement of the many fixers just awaiting for their prey outside LTO9 main office in Pettit Barracks, hinted one top LTO source here.

ACCORDINGLY, there’ll a confrontation today( Sept. 20) in the barangay hall of Upper Calarian between the driver-complainant and the supposed suspect in his complaint. Let’s see what’ll happen next as this is one nagging issue usually flooding the complaint sections of the different media outlets coming from the transport sector vs. our LTO, nationwide.


THE problem in this secular world is more of a spiritual, hence the solution it needs is spiritual, as well.

AND, it’s but just simple that our Lord wants us to do— “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand!” declared our Lord Jesus Christ to all humanity more than 2,000 years ago.

FOR without repentance in our life, there’s no salvation at all.

WITHOUT our knowing it, we are all sons and daughters of the devil, because most if not all of mankind these days (except for a few) opt not to surrender their human will (that makes them a god within themselves) to God’s will.

JUST one repented soul in this physical and material world of the flesh( that’s Earth), thousands of angels in heaven will rejoice.

Can’t we do this, huh? Just pondering as to why can’t we if all of us ought to even violently work for our own eternal salvation and for us to gain eternal life, according to the very Scriptures. “Search the Scriptures for in them you might find your own eternal life.” Keber gale se, pero’ kita gale’ ste de banjing, banjing lang na aton fe a Dios. Ampara yalang canaton ste!@

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