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The Haj and the Pilgrims; The fourteen stations of the Hajj rites; The visit to the prophet’s tomb


“The Hajj- it is the largest annual convention of the faith where muslims meet to know one another, study their common affairs and promote their general welfare.”

-Hammudah Abdulati, Islam In Focus

“A Teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops.”

-Geofrey Chaucer (English Writer)

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October of every year is Teacher’s month both nationally and internationally, we greet from the bottom of our hearts; one of  God’s best creation is the Teacher we salute the living heroes of our time.

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The fifth Pillar of the Islamic Faith, Hajj is a unique worship of the Creator Lord of the Universe.

As a reflection of what took place when I had my hajj in 1974, is still vivid before my eyes, we recall that the hajj rites were divinely revealed in the year 9 A.H. and performed by the Holy Prophet in 10th A.H.


As soon as the pilgrims enter the Miqat (the first station) the piercing cry from the heart of the believers open a new dimension of vision and feelings, the pilgrims of wearing the prescribed Garb called “Ihram” is now in a state of consecration. From the “Miqat”, the prescribed distance from Mecca, the pilgrims no longer in a time, material, geographic, racial, linguistic and human sphere. They cross all these thresholds that hold them apart from the other human beings, they now assume the role of the first human created by Allah (SWI), this new relationship of servant and the Master, takes the believers into realm of conviction no one else can imagine.

As the pilgrims enter the Sacred Sanctuary, they all say in a  loud  voice: “Oh Our Lord we come to you” (Labbaika Alluhuma Labbaika)

The “Tawaf”, The Second Station the human sea in a new physical and spiritual bond revolves around the House of Allah in Mecca (Makkah), the focus and the nucleus of the Tawaf. The orbiting humanity continuously changes its constituents in the sea, a dynamic movement with one of the goals of touching and kissing the original Black Stone delivered to Abraham (A.S.) one of the servants to serve the Lord.

The Sacred Well of Zam-Zam,
The Second Station

Pausing on the way to quench thirst at the greatest mercy from the Lord to His other servant Ismael in the form of life sustaining water Zam-zam.

The Sacred Hills of Safa and Marwa,
The Third Station

The human sea moves in a dynamic state from the House of Allah to the hills of Safa and Marwa. The human surrender to the will of the Lord continues with performing the rite performed by Hagar (Hajar) the mother of Ismael, another selected servant of the Lord.

The Fourth Station

The motion, is human waves, the goal is seeking pleasure of the Master. No, the rites are not over, they have just begun! Now you are in the House of Allah, but the Master wants you to leave this abode, forget the personalities, forget the symbols and meet Him in the wilderness. The sea of humanity moves with its direction to Mina.

The Fifth Station

“Remember, the first time you (Adam) disobeyed Me”, the Master reminds remember when I granted you your penitence”. He continues, “Remember when your Master was Merciful to you, and brought you O! Adam and your mate together at the Jiblur Rahma (Mount of Mercy), the Master stops! The sea of humanity understands this call, the dynamic movement becomes a frenzy. The march is on to Arafat, this is where you started your journey as human race, and this is where you would be raised for the hereafter.

The Sixth Station

The rites are not over yet the human sea is redirected back to Mina, pausing on the way at Muzdaleefa. The praying, the crying, the pleading in the day at Arafat to be continued in the quiet of night at Muzdaleefa.

Rami Al Jamarat
The 7th Station, The 8th and 9th Stations
(Stoning the Three Pillars of Satan)

Back to Abraham (Ibrahim) and Ismael. Remember when father took the son, the caretaker of the House of Allah, for the ultimate surrender (Islam) to the Master, father sacrificing his son for the pleasure of the Master. Remember the Satan, responsible for having you O! progeny of Adam (the pilgrims at Mina) expelled from paradise? Remember how Satan tried to dissuade Abraham (Ibrahim) (A.S.) from performing his ultimate act of surrender (in Islam) to the Master  at three different times? Remember what Abraham did? Throw the stones, perform “Rami” al Jamarat” (Pelting the Pillar of Satan with small pebbles gathered at Muzdaleefah) to continue the tradition of stoning the Satan in the Abrahamic tradition. Stone the Satan in your minds, hearts and deeds. Then- and yes, “hady” sacrifice not your Kin but from the bounty the Creator had provided you. Slaughter the lamb, and say : “Allahu Akbar!

Want to shed your pre-Haj looks? Remove your hair from your head to remind yourself of the Mission of Rites you went through long after Hajj is over.

The Hajj is not over yet! You are no longer saying “The Talbia” but you have two days of stoning the Satan at Mina, and performing the movement back to the symbol, the cube (The Ka’aba), the House of Allah: (The 10th Station) then you have the rites of Hagar (Hajar) (called the Saii) to go over. (the 11th and 12th Stations, at Safa and Marwa), performing “Tawafulfadah”, the farewell “Tawaf”, the 13th Station.

The 14th Station

At the conclusion of the Farewell Tawaf, the circumambulation around the Sacred Cube, the Holy Ka’aba, the pilgrims finally, exit from the Sacred Mosque through the Door of Abraham (Ibrahim) (The Ka’aba) solemnly walk backward position  to Prophet Abraham’s Door.

The rites of Hajj are complete, the obligatory worship of the believers to (Allah) is done.


It is appropriate now the believers to present themselves in Madinah at the Mimbar (pulpit) of the Messenger of the final and complete divine message, Muhammad, Allah’s peace and blessings be on you O! Muhammad, the last select servant of the Master (Allah).
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October 4, A Muslim Holiday

The Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF); October 4, 2014 had been declared as Eidil-Adha (Hariraya Hajj), the Feast of Sacrifice, a commemoration of Abraham’s Sacrifice of his son (Ismael) and all the Rites of the Annual Pilgrimage (The Hajj), however Malacañang changed the holiday (legal) to October 6, to afford the citizens of the Philippines in celebrating the Hajj holiday throughout the country.

Eid Mubarak to one and All!
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October , Teacher’s Month
We join all teachers in the country as you observe and celebrate the month of the “Noblest Profession” The Teachers. To you all, God Bless! #

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