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OPPOSITION hints for Agan-Nuño or Monsi tandem


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

THERE are two greatest commandments of God as taught to us by our Lord Jesus Christ: “Love God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your strength and with all your soul.”

THE second, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” AND then, Jesus went further: “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you, that you may be the children of yourAlmighty Father which is in heaven.”(Matthew 5: 43- 45).

IN this,I’m more concerned of one priest/ex-priest in here, who appears believing in prayer that’s meant for the downfall of his either friend or enemy. WITH al modesty( in the spirit), fOR the enlightenment of the priest/ex-priest concerned, Pencing and for the sake of all humanity, need to follow and obey the will of the Father in heaven, if indeed we’re all after our own Eternal Salvation.FOR Jesus even saith: “He that rejecteth me and receiveth not my words hath one that judgeth him. The words that I have spoken to you will be the same words to judge you in the last days.” (John 12: 48)

THE priest/ex-priest misjudged Pencing, that I prayed or have been praying for his downfall and/or damnation. Please don’t ever have that kind of delusion on Pencing. I just cannot afford to ever engage in prayer with my God in that manner. In-fact, that isn’t prayer at all. God doesn’t listen to prayers like that. To God, such prayers are all in vain. God wants us to pray even for our enemies. “Don’t hate your enemies, instead pray for them, so that they’ll be blessed and they’ll be enlightened by the Almighty Father in heaven.”

Get me, your Highness?


HERE are some mixed reactions to the “drug” issue that’s now chastising the very integrity of the sangunian panlungsod( city council): “I call it foul! (Councilor Kim Elago’expose). Aura, todo diaton bagon ki, ay sale.” – Dist. 1 Councilor Jawo Jimenez, Jr.;

“I cannot comment yet. I have to first find out if this is true.” – Dist. 2 Councilor Eddie Saavedra, Jr.;

“This is akin to opening the pandora’s box. (Councilor)Kim stirs the hornet’s nest out there.”—top city hall official;

“ The only option left for the embattled VM Cesar Itturalde is for him to voluntarily go on leave for about 3 or 6 months.”— close supporter;

“I thought he’s that clean, as he appears always modest and silent-type. But, this “drug” brouhaha, supposedly involving his own son, really hurts  political career.” sp employee.


THE political fervor is picking up this early.

JUST last week, at-least two top political leaders of ours have announced their desire to run for a higher post in 2016 local polls in here.

DIST. 2 opposition Councilor Rommel S. Agan has said he’s open for such option, and that’s to run for the mayoralty seat vs. either incumbent lady Mayor BengClimaco- Salazar or  

Former City Mayor and (1st termer)Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat.

LOBREGAT appears more keen on returning back to City Hall where it supposedly looks to many, he’s more needed here in the city than in the Lower House of Congress in these critical times.

OTHERS surmise that Cong. Lobregat’s longevity in politics  is just ripe to now aspire for even a higher position, and that’s the Senate.

“Cay dol nisisita yaman gayot cunele kita na senado ste mga tiempo. Keber ele lang non-lawyer ya puede combersa na Corte Suprema?” c Bogs dol taman idolize yaman gayot cun Cong. So’.

“Cosa ba ste le, double blade?,”

Na ya duda man c Ador cun Bogs.

Ay keseyo!

NOW, back to Agan’s supposed premature statement that he’s poised to run for mayor come next elections, and two big names in local politics right away pop up to, most likely, team up with him as his running mate.

THE local opposition, when learned of Agan making a strong statement this early to vie for the city’s highest elective post, is said raring to field as Agan’s vice mayoralty bet, either a Nuño or the city’s preferred  perennial candidate “Monsi” Cris dela Cruz whose showing in every local elections in here is getting stronger and stronger by even  a mile.

MANY are even banking on the belief that one day this one-time man of God will reign City Hall for genuine progress, peace and prosperity to finally dawn in ZC.

How about that Monsi, huh?

NOW, on the possibility that Agan might opt for someone from the Nuño clan to be his running-mate come next political exercise, “This is one very much interesting team-up for the opposition here, because the Nuños can boost Agan’s chances to win big. The Nuños are not only influential in the history of politics in ZC, but, mind you, they’re really that invincible and unbeatable when it comes to solid votes coming from their known bailiwicks like Taluksansay and all the island barangays in the city’s coastal villages,” conceded one top political leader in here who talked on condition of anonymity.

AND so, let the young and highly articulate lawyer/CPA city legislator(Agan) from Brgy. Tetuan, pick the best in these duo to help catapult him to City Hall, and reign at equal footing or even surpass/ excel (his own late father) City Mayor Vitaliano Agan’s exceptional feat as the city’s chief executive back in the late  l980’s and 1990’s. AS far as infra projects are concerned, the late Mayor Agan has, as of yet, no equal at all.

“Deberasan gayot se. Pero’ tiene lli losdemas taman credit-grabbing,” na ya ladra ya tamen c Bogs.

Kien man se Bogs?” aura c Nado tamen ya ase pregunta cunele.
“Ebos yalang Nado, Cosa yo igual combos, ta pone na agua caliento cunsu mismo idol.”

Ese pa, ya alcansa cun Nado. Ay amboot!

MEANTIME, 3rd and last termed (Dist. 1) City Councilor Gerky Valesco has likewise declared he’ll run for Vice Mayor come next local elections in mi ciudad de Zamboanga. Valesco is certainly one big threat to both incumbent VM Cesar Iturralde and the supposed come-backing bid of former VM Mannix Dalipe. Valesco has a clean record to protect in his political career since he first ran and won for the council seat in 2007. How about Councilor Jawo? When is he going to announce his own this early, huh? And, for what position after he completes his own 3rd and last term in office in the sp? Will he vie for Congress in district 1 or go for the vice mayoralty post where he’ll have to square off with the above-mentioned trio?v And, what about Dist. 1 Councilor Mel Sadain who’s also on his 3rd and last term in office in the council? 

“Manada pa cosa ay pasa bosing, cay tiene pa de-esos ta pensa pa gayot enbuenamente. Pero’ ta uwi ya kita maga nombre de-esos, especialmente para consehal.,” C Bogs quiere ya gayot cun bosing manda sabe cunel public.

By next issue, Bogs, ay manda ya kita kanila sabe. So, abangann!@

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