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LISTEN to ex- city dad on “drug issue” storm



“Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.”( Matthew 7: 21)

(Words of Enlightenment)

Listen you in the religions and all in the denominations, as well, Jesus Christ is the one saying that not all of you out there, and even me(If I fail to continue in the Lord’s goodness) that can enter his kingdom but only those who verily obey and do his will. Even if we memorize the Bible, the question is: Do you obey what you have memorized, huh? Email:

ZCPO Director S/Supt. Angelitio Casimiro will yet, out of respect, await the position of her honor, our Lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar as to what she can say about the ensuing drug issue afflicting the side of the beleaguered VM Cesar Iturralde.

IN last Mondays morning’s City Hall press briefing, the good police colonel, who is a Zamboangueño by affinity( his wife, being  a pure Zamboangueña), appears more fair-minded on the issue than rather go for it, like what he’s obviously dealing with an iron fist on these known hard-core criminals like those carnappers, holduppers, and of-course those believed engaged in all sorts of banditry and all those atrocious activities like the renowned KFR bands, the Al Queda-linked Abu Sayyafs and etc. in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

NOW, the ball is in the hands of our ever beauteous and gorgeous lady Mayor Beng if indeed she isn’t that biased on this issue.

BUT, the way she answered Iturralde’s loyal boy Philip Abuy’s anticipated  “gutless” query, clearly showed  where she now stands on the issue, as she more worded  in this manner: “In VM Iturralde’s time, our council garnered the best sangunian panglunsod in the entire country…”. “I’m in support of VM Iturralde 101%..”


NOW, the turn of CHO Dr. Rodel Agbulos to answer fielded queries from our nosy media in here, “About the milk if you drink it, its(drug) evidence disappears? This is not correct..”  “It was really found out that drug test done on VM Cesar Iturralde and 3 of his sons were negative..”

BUT, the good city physician added, when inquired further, that drug suspects aren’t totally off the hook, as they can( at any given opportune time) take these illegal drugs( especially the commonly used “Shabu”) after being discovered as negative in any conducted drug-test)— hence Dr. Agbulos was candid enough to tell the truth about people habitually hooked to drugs.

ONE lawyer( an ex-city councilor) revealed his side (on this drug issue brouhaha) that when he discovered his son as hooked to drugs, he told his son point-blank: “C kuhi’ combos mga pulis, hinde yo combos anda apabor. Manda pa yo canila pone combos na preso(If the police will catch you taking drugs, I won’t defend you at all, I’ll even let them put you in prison.”

“Ese maga tata,” c Bogs ya abri ya tamen su boca.

“Entonses c VM Itu’ hinde buen tata?’ aba c Ador ya ase bira su pregunta cun Bogs.

“C yo el tata de-sos, pone yo cunesos na casay subay,” otro ste c Nado, de anciano siempre. “Hoy Nado, hinde’ na se usu aura! Hinde’ se obra cunel maga drug addicts!”

Na, regaño ya tamen ya ricibi ste hente de alla, alla.


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